Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Day at Disney {The Magic Kingdom}

Oh Disney, what a magical day you were. When planning our trip to Florida we decided to spend a single day at a Walt Disney World park. After talking with a friend who is a Disney pro and doing a bit of research on our own we decided to visit The Magic Kingdom. I am so glad we went with TMK because it was the absolute best day of our vacation.

There is so much I could write and share about our day at Disney. I think I would sum it up as the PERFECT family first. We had such a fantastic day together. Here are a few highlights from our day followed by ALL.THE.PHOTOS. The amount of photos below is crazy. My apologizes :)

 --- We were at the park from 9-5 and that was plenty for Connor. It just so happened to be the hottest day of the week so after 8 hours of the Florida sun, we were all tired.

--- We enjoyed 12 attractions in one day thanks to the use of our Fast Passes. Fast Passes are a must as some rides had a 80+ minute wait. For a 4 minute ride, that's a bit crazy.

--- Connor's favorite part of the day was watching the Monster, Inc. Laugh floor show. He is a huge fan of Monsters, Inc. 

--- I can't decide what ride I enjoyed best. It's a 3-way tie between It's A Small World, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan Flight.

--- James picked Buzz and Dumbo as his favorite attraction at TMK. The Dumbo attraction also has a really fun play area that allows your little ones to run around while you wait for your turn on the actual ride. Genius! 

--- We saw Pluto, Stitch, Winnie and Tiger, Buzz, Gaston and Mickey and Minnie. 

--- We had a Dole Whip float and given the chance to do it all over again we would have stuck with just the ice cream. Drinking warm pineapple juice isn't something I recommend.

With over 40 attractions there is no way you could do and see all that The Magic Kingdom has to offer in a single visit but I feel really good about how much we saw while we were there. Connor will mention this part or that part of Disney throughout the day and it warms my heart that he had such a good time. The only  question I have is... when do we get to go back? 

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