Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My First Wildtree Experience

Three weeks ago I attended my first Wildtree party. Have you heard of Wildtree before? You can visit their website for all the details but the gist of the company is that you purchase a kit, $78 before tax, that provides you with the seasonings and condiments, recipes and details to make 10 meals (more if you split recipes for a smaller family). You purchase the food needed for the recipes and that paired with your kit, allows you to meal prep your dinners in a single hour. Here is how my first experience went, including pros and cons.

Wildtree has different kits depending on what type of meals you want to make. I choose the Around The World kit. My kit included the following: fajita seasoning, taco sauce, natural grapeseed oil, hearty spaghetti sauce blend, sweet onion spread, pacific fusion suace, sweet & spicy Thai chil sauce, Wildtree gourmet sea salt, garlic, all-purpose flour, sesame oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce and paprika. This kit provided me with recipes and seasoning to make meals Thailand, Mexico, Italy and more. 

Before the party I had to prep my veggies. You are given a shopping list. Everything I needed I was able to get from Kroger. Nothing "fancy" was required as you can see in my photos below. Prepping my veggies and putting together the freezer bags took about an hour and I tried to photographed the steps to share with you. I was able to prep quicker than I had thought I would be able to but my gosh, I made a mess. I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

You receive a list of what goes into each bag and what meal needs what label. It's fairly simple. I wrote the meal numbers that match the recipe cards you get at your party on the freezer bags along with the meal name. I also labeled the meals just for reference. Later that evening I went to the host's house and completed the final steps of my meals. My food was placed in a cooler with ice backs to keep it cold. 

Once our consultant passed out our kits, it took about another hour to put the freezer meals together. You are given a outline of what goes into each bag along with a label that details the cooking instructions. You are able to reference the recipes after making each meal so if you really liked a dish, you can duplicate it easily. I was given 7 bottles of ingredients and only used 1 bottle entirely. This will allow me to use the exact ingredients again in future meals.

The next morning I pulled a meal from the freezer, allowed it to thaw out and baked the Zesty Citrus Chicken for dinner. I added sides (don't comment on the two carbs, I didn't think it through!). 

This dish was easy to put together and bake but I'm not sure if I would make it again using the same amount of seasoning. It was a bit overwhelming for me. I think it's the sweat onion spread that gives it a powerful punch of flavor. I am going to try it again but use a bit less the next time. Here are additional pros and cons from my first Wildtree experience:

  • We have 10 new meals to add to our dinner rotation and try. 
  • I discovered that the company's Thai chili sauce is amazing. It's perfect with chicken and broccoli. 
  • It took me 3 hours - shopping, prepping my veggies and packing my meal bags - to make dinner for 10 nights. Not too shabby. 
  • You can do all of this from the comfort of your home. 
  • Their products are free of all MSG, GMOs and artificial food dyes.
  • The kit was over $80 with tax. That's a bit pricey in my opinion. 
  • On top of the $80 you have to purchase all the meat and veggies. Meat can be pretty expensive. 
  • If you don't like a seasoning (for example the sweet onion spread) you are stuck with a jar of it to use. 
  • If you run out of a seasoning you have to either order from their website or consultant. I like the idea of being able to pick up what I need at the grocery at my convenience. 
  • Since you don't get the recipes till the night of your party, you don't know exactly what the recipe entails. For example, one of my dishes recommends that you grill the meat. Grilling in Ohio in March isn't possible so this meal by have to wait till warmer weather or I'll have to get creative with the prep (if possible). 
Would I join another Wildtree party? It's too soon to tell. We've only had 3 of the meals so far so I can't comment one way or another. From my pro/con list, I could go either way. But because of the price, I'm leaning more towards a no. I don't think this is a budget friendly meal planning option. But like I said before, it's been nice discovering new meals. 

Have you tried Wildtree or any other meal prep services? I'd love to hear your suggestions and experiences. 

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