Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March's TKBTB with Connor J

Welcome to March's The Kids Behind The Blog linkup. Thank you to everyone that shared their little ones with us last month. If you are new to the linkup, you can get all the details in THIS POST but the gist of it is for us mom bloggers to give some spotlight to our littlest loves, the ones that made us mothers. Each month you will ask your little one(s) a handful of questions that the TKBTB hosts provide and than share those answers with us in a link-up post the second Wednesday of each month. Simple enough, right? Connor's answers to this month's questions are priceless. Let's get started...

What's at the end of a rainbow? Money in a bucket left by a man.
What do you like to do when it rains?  Jump in puddles or play inside? I want to do both but you don't always say yes. Maybe today you'll say yes.
If you found a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow what would you do? Give him back his bucket of money.
Tell me three ways you know it is spring time. {I had to explain Spring some before he was on board with this question} The sun shines. You put up a new door wreath. I get to play outside at school.
Do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day? What happens if you don't wear green? Can't I wear green whenever I want to? {I did a little explaining, which included me telling him what happens when you don't wear green} And you shouldn't pinch your friends, that's rude. 

I told you CJ's answers were priceless. I was near tears when he said he would give the man back his bucket of money. How nice of him, right? Here are April's questions. We have 5 plus a bonus questions for those of you who celebrate Easter.

What is your favorite thing about Spring?
If April showers bring May flowers what do May flowers bring?
What does a flower need to grow?
Do you like that it's starting to get warmer or do you like the cold and snow better?
What do you want to do over your Spring Break?
Bonus: What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Grab our button and join us this month and next (April 12) with the cute, sassiness that is life with a child. You never know what will come out of a little person's mouth. We would love it if you shared such gems with us.

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