Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Letterboard Love + a Letter Storage Solution

Confession: I am obsessed with my Letterboard. I was gifted my board for Christmas and love coming up with new sayings to display. I tend to pick things that are seasonal or share a fun part of our daily lives. Here is a look at my Letterboard photo collection plus a simple way to store your letters if you too have a board of your own.

Storing my letters was made easy when I discovered that Hobby Lobby sold storage containers that could be personalized to fit your needs based on size. I needed a container that would keep letters separated, making finding what I need easy. Once I found the perfect container, I added letter labels to each cubby and I no longer had to search for what I needed when changing out my quotes. Here is direct link to my container. Use a 40% coupon and it's less than $6.

I love the fun that comes with sharing my boards. So much so that I created a hashtag on Instagram just for my Letterboard photos: #cfamilyquotes Join me as I walk down Letterboard memory lane. I shared my first message on Christmas Day and have been hooked since! Be sure to follow us on IG as you never know what I may share on my Letterboard.

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