Thursday, March 9, 2017

February Recap & March's No Goal FUN LIST

You all know I love a good goal post and giving myself a set of goals to work on and achieve but this month, I'm taking a break from goal setting. Why? you might be wondering. Last week we where on vacation and at the end of the month CJ has Spring Break so my days look a bit different then usual and quiet frankly I don't want to end the month with an untouched list of goals. What I do plan to share with you are the goals we achieved last month plus a few things I do want to achieve in March... just for fun.

Here is what we achieved from last month's goal list:
Enjoy a day at Disney
Cut back on sweets for 30 days
Schedule a dinner date with friends
Visit the mall playground and get a cookie
Create Valentine's cards for family and friends

Cutting back on the sugar has been a huge priority since joining Weight Watchers. Has of today, I'm down about 9 pounds in just 4 weeks. It's amazing to see what changes can be made when you pay attention to the food you are consuming (I know this isn't new to most, just me.

Our vacation and trip to Disney will be recapped on the blog but as I'm sure you would guess... it was pure magic! 

Now for March... my no goal fun list. Like I mentioned before we have 2 weeks of fun this month - vacation and Spring Break. Here are some things I hope to achieve this month from our list of fun:
Hit my 10 pound weight loss goal
Have 2 play dates with friends
Enjoy a date night with dinner and a concert
Discover a new park
Papa and Connor Day

I really want to focus on having a bit more fun this month. Not to say that we are all work and no play around here but James traveled a lot last month so I want to make the most of him being home more this month. I'm sure there will be additional fun things we will do but those 6 tasks are at the top of my list!

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