Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Day at Disney Springs {Our Version of Legoland}

Last week I shared with you our day at Disney's The Magic Kingdom. Today I want to recap our time at Disney Springs. Disney Springs is an open air shopping center with restaurants, a large pond that you can boat across and a few hotels. It's perfect for shopping, especially if your little one likes Legos. Connor had asked to go to Legoland but we didn't want to pay the expensive fees since we were planning to go to Disney later in the week. Lucky for us, the Lego Store at Disney Springs gave Connor all his little heart could want in the form of Legos.

Connor has been playing with Legos daily for the last year or so. While they make a mess and I find them all over our home, it occupies his time for hours and he loves building new creations. When visiting Disney Springs, he called the Lego store Legoland and well, we let him believe it. Mean Momma and Papa, right? I don't feel one bit guilty as it saved us a ton of money. Here are some highlight from our day out along with photos from our day at Disney Springs. 

--- Connor got to build two Lego racers and race them against other boys and girls.

--- He won the second race, bringing him more joy than I ever expected.

--- Connor walked out of the Lego Store with a full container of new bricks, included sixers which he had to have more of along with 3 new Lego men. 

--- He is now the proud owner of a new potato head that is half Buzz Lightyear and half Stromtrooper. 

--- A boat ride with a pretty view and a hot air balloon is the perfect way to end a day of shopping.

Disney Springs is such a fun place to shop and dine, even people watch. When we make back to Orlando I am certain we will spend another day here. I mean, it is "Legoland" after all. 

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