Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3 Steps to a "Company Ready" Home

One thing I'm known for is keeping a "company ready" house. You would think parenting a small child all day would result in a messy house but that's not the case with me. I feel better, think more clearly and function at my best when my house is in order. Having a company ready home isn't as hard as you'd think. I find that if I do three simple things our home is always ready for family and friends.

Clean Floors
Each morning we wake up to floors free of clutter (toys, pillows, blankets, books). Putting everything in it's place and either vacuuming or sweeping each day allows each room to be organized from the ground up. Connor is in charge of picking up after himself so if our floors are messy, it's usually due to his toys so as a big boy, he picks up before heading to bed each evening. 

Tidy Kitchen
One thing that drives me bonkers is a messy kitchen. I have to have a clean kitchen, it's dang near therapeutic for me. By wiping down counters to putting dishes away to having an empty sink, keeping the kitchen clean allows for a finished appearance. And in most homes the kitchen is the hub of the home so it should get daily TLC.

Make Your Beds
I have to be honest: I didn't always make our beds each morning. I started last year and the habit has suck with me. Making our beds allows us to keep our bedroom doors open which gives our small upstairs a larger appearance. Also a made bed just gives off a finished look, don't you thin? I also think having your doors open provides your guests with the feeling that you aren't hiding anything. 

Each day, no matter how busy are mornings are or late our nights may be, I make time to put effort into each of these chores. It takes maybe 20 minutes top if you stay on each task. The best way to keep chore time down is to stay on top of each task. If I were to let my kitchen go, I would easily spend an hour in there but because I devote time each day, the messes are often small and easily maintenance. We have a full carpeted home so vacuuming is easier than sweeping hardwood floors daily. However if you take the time each day to just tidy up your floors, the job itself isn't so detailed. I'm sure many of you think making your bed is a no-brainer but really, it makes a huge difference in your room. I often make our beds and open the blinds allowing the natural light from outside to welcome us upstairs. 

At any given point you could stop by our home and I would be completely comfortable with welcoming you into our company ready home. Do you keep your home ready for guests? What other ways could you make your home ready for family and friends? 
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