Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Day It Rained Hearts - Valentine Fun for Kids

This month has brought with it 2 weeks of solo parenting. What's the mean for us? More time for me to fill so that Connor and I don't grate on each other's nerves #realtalk One way I can fill the witching hours in the afternoon is with crafts and reading. Connor would love it if we read to him every hour on the hour. Because that's not likely to happen, we add some fun crafts and learning in between our book sessions. This month we focused on Valentine's Day, hearts and the color pink and red.

The inspiration for this month's book was "The Day It Rained Hearts". This was a new to us book but one that we quickly feel in love with. We happened to have tacos that even and Connor kept asking "what if it rained tacos?" I could only think that that would be one heck of a wonderful day, right? We read the book twice then decided to play with hearts for a bit. First up is a beading exercise that has become a new favorite "time killer" for us.

You will need uncooked spaghetti, Play dough or something to help your spaghetti to stand up and a dish of beads (ours are heart shaped) to thread onto the dry spaghetti. This activity allows you to work the child's fine motor skills, pattern making and counting. Connor would see how many heart shaped beads he could fit on each noodle. We talked about patterns and what comes next. It's such a simple concept that your little one doesn't feel like they are learning.

Next we worked on more pattern skills along with letter recognition. Using this printable I marked each outlined heart with either a R, P and W (red, pink or purple and white) using the correct color marker. This got tricky because I couldn't write W in white so I used a black marker. Connor caught on quickly and was able to determine that some P's meant purple, others pink and that he needed to pay close attention to the details. We used heart-shaped buttons for this craft.

Both of these activities kept Connor's interest and hands busy for about 30 minutes. That paired with a good reading session of 5 books allowed us to fill one entire witching hour with fun learning that doesn't feel like learning. This is always a plus, right? Learning through fun! Here are the other books we read this month that either focused on Valentine's Day or hearts:

We had a blast celebrating Valentine's this month. We didn't do anything over the top but having holiday themed books and crafts always make simply holidays like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day more kid-friendly. 
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