Thursday, February 2, 2017

Goals: January Recap & February Goals

I've done so well keeping myself honest and you in the loop with our monthly goals. I started last year and haven't stopped setting goals or reviewing our progress. With all that being said, I have to admit: January was a rough month goal wise. I set goals at the start of the month and thanks to illness, a busy schedule and more tantrums thrown than ever before, goals were the last thing on my mind. Nonetheless, let's see if we made progress on any of them and focus on making the very most of February.

Here is what we accomplished from last month's goal list:
Take a winter hike
Meal prep on Sundays for lunch for James & I
Have January date night
Attend Funk Lab Dance seminar
Work through purging and cleaning basement
Start working on consignment products

6 out of 10 goals were meet. That's not something I like seeing. Some areas were total failures and other were great successes. I don't want to make excuses but I think between the holiday hangover I can't shake and being sick for 12 days, January was just a rough month. One goal we reached was our meal plans for the weeks. I have to say prepping does take a bit of work on Sundays but it makes lunches so much easier during the busy work week. We also got a date night which I plan to share on the blog at some point. Dating my Mister is of up most importance this year. I'm still working through my decluttering schedule and think I'll have it completed by the end of next week. With that in mind, I am looking forward to a new month full of potential. Here are February's goals {items that are marked bold are carried over from January}:

Enjoy a day at Disney!
Attend church on a regular basis

Attend 3 cardio classes a week
Cut back on sweets for 30 days

Schedule a dinner date with friends
Start our couple's devotional

Visit the mall playground and get a cookie
GDO - Guys Day Out with Connor and James 

Catch up and stay on task with my daily devotionals
Create Valentine's cards for family and friends 

And because I want to add a bit of a challenge for myself I'm adding one more to my list. I'm making February my NO SPEND MONTH. I plan to cut out online shopping, Starbucks runs, eating lunch out Monday thru Friday, shopping at Target and other retailers and sticking to my grocery list while at Kroger, shopping only there for groceries this month. 

Did you see that I mentioned Disney? Yup, we've made our decision and are going to visit the happiest place on Earth this month while on vacation in Florida. Other areas of improvement is that James and I need to find time to slow down and enjoy time with our devotionals. We just haven't made either priorities. Connor has been asking to go to the mall and play at the indoor play area. He has also requested that he get a cookie while there. We will fit that sometime this month as long as his behavior improves. 

Having monthly goals has been a strange kind of blessing. I know that we have areas to focus on when I put together these lists. Hopefully this month is a bit kinder to me and I'm about to focus on making every filled with progress instead of ending it with a full plate.

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