Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favs: No Spend February, Rollerskating and Wildtree

Happy Friday, friends! I can't believe it's February already. I mean, we all know it's coming but dang, new months come quicker and quicker. I had so much I wanted to tackle in January and yet here we are in February and my to do list isn't all that much smaller. I guess I'll just have to add it to my to do list for this month. But no one wants to talk about to do's on a Friday, do they? Let's talk about this week's highlights and a few random thoughts.


It's never too to late to join Beth from Our Pretty Little Girls and I as we spread a little love in February with our 14 Day of Love photo challenge. It's just 14 days so there isn't a month commitment and joining this challenges is a fun way to add a little festive feel to your Instagram feed. Save the image about with the prompts and join us on IG. We would love to have you celebrate Valentine's with us.


We took Connor rollerskating for the first time and oh what an experience it was. He started off really excited then slowly moved to pure dislike. He started off with traditional roller skates and we soon discovered they were far too heavy for him. He was having a heck of a time. We realized that they also had the lightweight plastic ones too so we traded his first pair in and things improved greatly. James loves rollerskating so I think he really had a fun time experiencing a first with Connor.


While shopping at everyone's favorite place, I found these two signs for Connor's teachers in the Dollar Spot. I'm going to add some candy and call it a day on their Valentine's Day gifts. Who else gives their kids' teachers gifts? I had someone say that that's not necessary but I feel weird not doing it since there is a party for his class, which I'm volunteering for this year.


Remember when I shared how bad I can be with money? Well it's more than just something to share in a post. I really want to get my extra spending under control so I've decided to make February a no spend month. I have never done one before and decided starting small with the shortest month of the year was the best way to go. Smart thinking, right? So for 28 days I'm going to cut out trips to Target, lunch our during the week, any online shopping, Starbucks runs, all retail therapy along with any impulse buys. This is going to be easy, right? Someone say right, please!

One Monday I am going to my first Wildtree meal prep party. I am really excited about the 10 meals I'll be putting together. I've heard that the Asian Flank Steak and the Sesame Fusion Chicken are to die for. I'll be sharing my experience with you all once we've worked our way through these meals. This reminds me of Dream Dinners which I love and plan to do again in the Spring.

Tonight Connor and I are going to hang out with friends and tomorrow we will head to the gym for a Barre class. It's my first attempt and I'm likely to die but have high hopes that I'll be able to get us back home. James should be home mid-afternoon after being in California for a work conference. Sunday, oh sweet Sunday, will be filled with Jesus and football. What better kind of Sunday, right?

Here are this week's post in case you've missed them. What We're Reading Wednesday is open still if you'd like to add your book themed posts to it.

Happy weekend, friends!

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