Thursday, February 16, 2017

Discover Essential Oils with Simply Earth

Essential oils are all the rave right now. I, too, love using them in our household and to help with common colds, allergies and every day pains. Many people are interested in oils but a bit intimidated with how to use them, which ones to mix together and understanding the perks of oils. One way to make introducing oils into your family is to create DIY products to use in natural ways, like when you wash your hands, clean your home or take a bath/shower. But where do you get such recipes? Pinterest of course is a great place to find a few but I've discovered a handful of news ways curiosity of my monthly Simply Earth subscription box.

I use essential oils every day and it took me a bit to really find my way with how to make them work for my family. Simply Earth takes the guess work out of that with these monthly boxes.  The benefits of and uses for essential oils is endless it seems and I admit I’ve so happy I discovered the world of essential oils. I use a blend to help me with Connor's seasonal allergies, peppermint and orange essential oil to give me energy and thieves to help keep germs away from our family. While this is not to give any medical advice ever I can say that these oils and combinations have really made a difference in my family's overall health since we started using them in April of 2015. The options are endless with oils, regardless of the brand you use.

Now let’s specifically talk about the Simply Earth essential oils and their amazing guarantee that their essential oils are 100% pure. What’s even more amazing is that the Simply Earth essential oils are so reasonably priced. Many are in the $6.95-$9.95 range. For a high quality, 100% pure essential oil that is fantastic. There are of course some that are more expensive and that’s consistent with any brand. But I've been using my Simply Earth oils for the last month or so and can't see or feel a difference in them compared to the name brand I have on hand.

With each monthly box, you get 4-5 essential oils (my box included Spearmint, Coffee, Citrus Burst and Ginger) along with recipe cards to make things like bath bombs, a diffuse necklace, a digest roll on and more. I also received a 4 ounce bottle of coconut oil which is a new carrier oil for me. Once I try these recipes, I an easily duplicate them since I have plenty of oils on hand and the recipe cards.

If you’ve been wanting to try essential oils or have been looking for a brand that was 100% pure but didn’t cost an arm and a leg make sure to connect with Simply Earth! I am eagerly awaiting my next monthly and discovering new ways to add oils to our daily routine. Be sure to check out their website as they are currently offering a FREE diffuser with your monthly purchase.

*Thank you Simple Earth for sending up a monthly subscription box at no cost to use. We've been enjoying discovering new recipes and oils. As always, I only share products and services that I completely love and support. 

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