Monday, February 13, 2017

Always & Forever, A Paper Lovin' Girl

I am certain that I am going to come across extremely old-fashioned today, maybe even just old. But when cleaning up my desk this weekend I realized that I am truly a lover of all things paper. From the book I am reading to how I schedule and plan our week to my daily to do list, I most certainly prefer paper over anything electronic. And here's why.

Paperback Books:
While I love the convenience of e-books, there are just some books of which I would prefer the hard copy. Especially books of reference where I highlight things I want to remember or place sticky notes on the pages that have information to which I may want to refer again. I also love seeing exactly how much book is left. Many times I'll discover I only have 50-100 pages and that's all the push I need to read a bit more, to finish I book I've fallen in love with. Seeing an end in sight often excites me. #bookworm There is just something about the feel of paper that makes me want to read or be creative.

Paper planners:
I have found that I can be more productive using a paper planner instead of an electronic calendar. I love my iPhone but it just doesn't work for me when planning out our weeks/month. After years of trying to come up with an electronic system of tracking my calendar and to-do lists all in one place, I have decided to switch back to my faithful paper planner. Additionally, the process of writing out our week allows it make room in my brain too and I have this visual of writing our our plans, making them stick in my mind a bit more. 

Hand-written Notes:
Email is easy and instant but there is something about opening a hand-written note from a family member or friend. Knowing that they took the time to put pen to paper and share some thoughts, support and news with you. Y'all know my love of snail mail and I get downright giddy when I get a surprise piece of mail from a friend. In a day in age when everything is typed, it's nice to see a person's handwriting. I have a few pieces of hand-written notes, cards and recipes from loved ones that have passed away and I'll forever cherish being able to see their handwriting. 

Paper To-do List:
Each morning I start my day with creating my to-do list for the day and seeing what needs to be accomplished. I've tried using the notes app on my smart phone for this but it just doesn't click. I like crossing off things as I finish them and seeing my progress really makes me feel like I've accomplished something, especially one days when the 4 year old has been less than easy. The same goes for my grocery list. I like having a paper list to shop from. Usually I have to use apps like Target's Cartwheel or Ibotta so I don't need other window open to "deal" with at the grocery store. 

I've tried to use less paper and more technology throughout the day but it's just a habit that won't stick. And if I'm being completely honest, I'm not that upset about it. I truly love all things paper. Anyone else a paper lovin' gal like myself? 

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