Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Plan. Invite. Enjoy | 10 MOM NIGHT OUT Ideas

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All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

Being a stay-at-home Mom is rewarding and we all love being around our babies and children, but let's face it, we all need some alone time and some adult interaction. Creating bonds with other SAHM moms is a great way to build long-lasting relationships for you, your children and even your partner. I often think I am a better person when given the chance to recharge with ladies that "get me".

One thing I look forward to each month is getting out of the house and spending a bit of time with my girlfriends -- no kids, no husbands, no to do's or obligations. A night out, away from all responsibility is so important to me, especially when we are on the tail end of a busy travel session for my husband. I've been doing this "mom thing" for 4 years and I've realized that I am not alone with my need for a Mom Night Out (MNO) or Mom Day Out (MDO), many mothers feel the same way. Being home with a child or children full time is taxing. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with the little ones while trying to keep your sanity. Occasionally, a few hours away from it all is all you need. Here are some fun things to do with your friends to cut loose a bit and just be you sans the Mommy title. 

1) Long dinners for the chance to chat, enjoy adult conversation and mingle with friends without the constant need to aid someone under the age of 5.

2) A shopping trip to pick up a few splurge pieces or to even window shop. Hobby Lobby and Target with a cup of Chai Tea is always a fun afternoon with a girlfriend. 

3) Grab coffee on Saturday mornings. While weekends are usually designated for family but if your schedule allows, grab a coffee with a friend for a quick mom's morning out. 

4) Host a recipe swap where each invitee brings a new dish for the group to discover and try. Leave with full bellies and a list of new-to-you recipes to try. 

5) Have a night in at home with just a handful of people. Put the kids to bed and send the husband to his man cave. The perk of having a small group of friends in your home allows for more time to catch up with each lady in a casual environment.

6) Join a book club. I host one and I know that no matter what once a month I get to get out of the house and talk about something I love: reading. 

7) Meet for dessert and coffee. If you are looking for a simple way to enjoy a night out AFTER the little ones, consider meeting for dessert and coffee. It's more budget friendly and if you are like me, sweets are always a good idea. 

8) Meet for brunch where you can enjoy breakfast at your pace with a side of mimosas. We aren't known to dine out for breakfast and lunch on the weekends so this would be a treat for me.

9) Try something new! We are usually busy with carpool, swim lessons, preschool and much more that we don't have a lot of time for new adventure. Try a new class with friends: glass blowing, painting, ceramics. You'll be surprised with how much talking you can do once your hands start working. 

10) Pick a new ethnic restaurant to try. If sushi, Indian or Thai are your favorites but lack kid friendly options, plan a night out where you can indulge a bit. 

If you were to ask me what I'd like to do for a girl's night out, I'd tell you see a good chick flick. As a family, we see plenty of children's movies but one thing I miss is going to the movies and seeing a movie filled with love and drama. One movie I'm eager to see this month is the remake of Disney's Beauty and The Beast. Matter of fact this movie is perfect any audience: girls' night out, family date with the kids, date night with your spouse, etc. Who doesn't love the magic of Disney?

It should come as no surprise to you that Belle is my favorite Disney character. Her love of reading and finding adventure in books is something that I related to at a very young age. I am so eager to see the upcoming movie that I've scheduled a MNO so friends and I can see if as soon as it hits theaters on March 17th. I've planned my event with Evite's Beauty and the Beast - Be Our Guest custom invitations, including a reminder to snag your ticket on pre-sale now, then send them quickly and free to friends and now we sit (un) patiently waiting for the release date to roll around.

Consider my list as the push you need to schedule some time with your girlfriends. Motherhood is hard but thanks to moments spent together around a good meal, over drinks or even in a theater seeing a childhood classic remastered we can get through it together while having a bit of fun along the way. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Florida Vacation Bucket List

Happy Friday, friends! This afternoon we will be loading up our car and heading out of town for the week to "The Happiest Place on the Planet". I can not wait to experience so many firsts with James and Connor as we visit Florida and Disney together as a family for the first time ever. Because I want to make the most of our trip south I put together a short little vacation bucket list. Y'all I am so friggin' excited for this vacation.

I hope we do these things and so much more in the 8 days we are gone. Our resort has amazing accommodations so we don't even need to leave the property to do many of the things listed above but I know we will. Of course I'm eager to see Disney but more than anything, I really want to enjoy my first ever dole whip.

I won't be blogging next week but you can follow along with us as we travel south and enjoy some sunshine and sand via Instagram and will be using the hashtag #coxyvacay17 for each of our vacation photos. I will admit now, I will be overgramming. I plan to make a Chatbook of our trip.

Enjoy your weekend! We off to meet a Mouse or two and their friends! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday V4

It's been since November since I put together a What's Up Wednesday post. With vacation on my mind I thought this would be the perfect chance to clear my head of random thoughts and to put together a somewhat simple post. So here is volume 4 of What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week...
While vacation right around the corner we are trying to use all our produce, eggs and milk so I'm unsure of how our meals will pan out but I do know that we won't be wasting these $9 grapes (get more of this grape disaster over on Instagram).

What I'm reminiscing about...
How big Connor is getting. I realize how obvious this is but he will be 4.5 in two months and I can't wrap my head around that. How did our baby get to be a big kid so big so quickly?

What I'm loving...
The amazing weather we are having in Ohio this "winter". I put winter in quotes because when it comes down to it, we've had little to no winter this year. And I have to admit, I am quiet okay with that. It gives us more time outdoors which I live for.

What we've been up to...
Spending time with friends, making plans for Spring Break and filling our days with fun. Some weeks are just so packed full but when it comes down to it, it's all worth it. I love making memories with my little guy and his friends/their Mommies. We also just said goodbye to a friend of our's moving to Africa for a internship.

What I'm dreading...
The drive to Florida. While the destination will be well worth it, the drive itself is less desirable. We will be making a stop in Atlanta so the break will make it easier but traveling with little ones can be tricky.

What I'm working on...
My time management skills. I've been setting a timer when I'm blogging and I only allow myself one hour during the day. On the weekend nights when we are hanging out watching TV, I usually work but that's after C's been in bed. Setting a timer allows me to make the most of my time on my laptop.
What I'm excited about...
I know I said I was dreading the drive but I can not wait to see Connor at Disney World. He is going to lose his mind and I am eager to document such a BIG first with him.

What I'm watching/reading...
I am totally obsessed with Brothers and Sisters. I'm on season 3 and can't stop watching. Book wise I just started reading All The Missing Girls. Last month I read so much more but since discovering Brothers and Sisters I would much rather watch it then read. That should tell you how much I am lovin' that show.

What I'm listening to...
I created a station on Spotify full of music from the artists that will be on the Hits Deep Tour we will be seeing in March. James got us tickets as a joint Valentine's gift.

What I'm wearing...
Lipsense in Bombshell and Eyesense in Mulberry. I am obsessed with all things LipSense and have Becky from bybmg to blame. My favorite lip colors are Pink Champagne and Bombsell. Check them out if you have a consultant. If not, then visit Becky's page (this isn't sponsored, I just love love love their products).

What we're doing this weekend...
Traveling to Florida. I'm eager to share our week in Florida with you all via Instagram so make sure you follow me. I'm not one for detailed vacation recaps so that's the best place to get all the deets on our trip.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Spring Break with Connor at the end of the month. We have plans 2 days(which includes a visit to the childrens museum in Indy) and the others days we are going to just do whatever. If the weather is nice we will be spending the bulk of our week outdoors.
What else is new...
I feel we are going, going, going. I've mentioned far too often this week that I can't catch up on the things around our home because there isn't enough time in the day. I think part of that is due to my scheduling so much for us this last week but it just worked out that way. However, I don't see that being any different until after we get back from vacation.

What's going with you? What's new in your world? Share with me an answer to one of the prompts above in the comments below.

Happy Hump Day, friends! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Day It Rained Hearts - Valentine Fun for Kids

This month has brought with it 2 weeks of solo parenting. What's the mean for us? More time for me to fill so that Connor and I don't grate on each other's nerves #realtalk One way I can fill the witching hours in the afternoon is with crafts and reading. Connor would love it if we read to him every hour on the hour. Because that's not likely to happen, we add some fun crafts and learning in between our book sessions. This month we focused on Valentine's Day, hearts and the color pink and red.

The inspiration for this month's book was "The Day It Rained Hearts". This was a new to us book but one that we quickly feel in love with. We happened to have tacos that even and Connor kept asking "what if it rained tacos?" I could only think that that would be one heck of a wonderful day, right? We read the book twice then decided to play with hearts for a bit. First up is a beading exercise that has become a new favorite "time killer" for us.

You will need uncooked spaghetti, Play dough or something to help your spaghetti to stand up and a dish of beads (ours are heart shaped) to thread onto the dry spaghetti. This activity allows you to work the child's fine motor skills, pattern making and counting. Connor would see how many heart shaped beads he could fit on each noodle. We talked about patterns and what comes next. It's such a simple concept that your little one doesn't feel like they are learning.

Next we worked on more pattern skills along with letter recognition. Using this printable I marked each outlined heart with either a R, P and W (red, pink or purple and white) using the correct color marker. This got tricky because I couldn't write W in white so I used a black marker. Connor caught on quickly and was able to determine that some P's meant purple, others pink and that he needed to pay close attention to the details. We used heart-shaped buttons for this craft.

Both of these activities kept Connor's interest and hands busy for about 30 minutes. That paired with a good reading session of 5 books allowed us to fill one entire witching hour with fun learning that doesn't feel like learning. This is always a plus, right? Learning through fun! Here are the other books we read this month that either focused on Valentine's Day or hearts:

We had a blast celebrating Valentine's this month. We didn't do anything over the top but having holiday themed books and crafts always make simply holidays like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day more kid-friendly. 
Beth at Our Pretty Little Girls
Crystal at Hall Around Texas

Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me 
Becky at BYBMG
Lindsay at Lindsay's Sweet World
Sarah at Sarah E. Frazer 
Whitney at Polka-Dotty Place

Monday, February 20, 2017

$10 at Target | Everyday Essentials

When shopping at Target last month for this month's $10 at Target haul, I went with an agenda. I knew I need to come up with a bathtub toy solution and I needed the last piece to Connor's classroom Valentine's Day goodies. Needless to say this isn't an exciting shopping trip but it provided me with everyday essentials we needed.

Connor loves bubble baths and playing with his bath toys. The only problem is that I couldn't find a storage solution for his toys. Someone mentioned getting a small storage container and Target has ones that have holes, which would be perfect for draining out the bath water. I found the perfect one along with a rinse cup for when we wash his hair. We had been using a plastic cup from the Dollar Tree.

We needed a way to attach suckers to Connor's Valentines so of course I thought washi tape would do the job. I knew there would be seasonal colors available in the Dollar Spot so I snagged a set of 4 for just $1. And for those of you wondering why his Valentine wasn't "Pinterest worthy" it's because 4 years old don't care about Pinterest; they care about sugar. I saw this first hand last week! 

Lastly, I am a huge fan of these Target hand and face wipes. I've shared them before and we go through a pack a month. I keep them in my bag and anytime I want to clean something off say the cart handle, a table at Chick-fil-A or Connor's face and hands these are my go to.

Like I said this month wasn't anything fun, just things that we needed. This month I spent $9.38 thanks to Cartwheel discounts, RedCard discounts and a coupon for the face wipes. Target is my go to place for picking up odds and ends although I've seen some people sharing some great finds at Walmart. However Walmart doesn't have the Dollar Spot and we all know how much I love that area of the store.

Now it's your turn! Share with us the goodies you've picked up from Target this month. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favs: Car Picnics, Water and Chip & Jo

Y'all where has February gone? We have just one more full week till the month is over and we usher in March. Which if I'm being honest about, I'm okay with. I like Spring in Ohio, it's cool, sunny and gives us the perfect mix of days outside and others spent indoors. March also brings with it Connor's Spring Break which I'm excited about. No big plans have been made but I like the idea of being able to spend more time with my little man. But now that I've rambled on about March, let's talk about this week's highlights, a few random thoughts and some photos thrown in for good measure.

On Monday, I spent the morning in Connor's classroom during their Valentine's Day party. Connor has been looking forward to this moment for months. He has been really excited about me coming inside his class. He makes a point to say "when you get to come inside my classroom". I'm not sure what his expectations were but we had a great morning and it was fun to see him interact with his classmates. Also? I still don't want another child and I could never be a teacher. Y'all are saints. 

This week has been insane and I'm really happy to see an empty calendar for the weekend. Here is what we had going on this week:

Monday: School with Valentine's Day party with a play date with friends after for 2.5 hours
Tuesday: MOPS and errands
Wednesday: School, weigh-in and chores around the house before dinner with a friend
Thursday: Play date with MOPS sister tables, laundry and meal prep for the weekend
Friday: MOPS Valentine's Day party (where we gifted store bought Valentine's because #life)

So it's safe to say I'll be sleeping in this weekend. Not every week is like this but this week has been one thing after another. But the weather is supposed to be in the 60's Saturday and Sunday so we will be soaking up some sun and fresh air.

I did find time to read though this week. I finished The Magnolia Story and LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. If you like Chip and Jo's show, Fixer Upper, you will love this book. The stories they tell are just so heartwarming. They share their wedding with us in the book and it reminds me so much of the wedding James and I had. I learned a lot about them as a couple before they became famous. If anything, I now love them more. 

The easiest way to make Connor's day is to ask him if he wants a to have a car picnic. We had just an hour in between school and our play date on Monday so I packed a lunch for both of us and let Connor sit in the passenger sit, eat lunch and pick the songs we listened to. He would do this every day after school if given the chance. The only thing he likes more is picnics at the park. 

Today is day 17 no coffee. I've had a few cups of green tea over the last week and a half so I'm not 100% caffeine free but I have to tell you, it's not been as bad as I thought it would be. As you all know Connor doesn't sleep through the night so I'm up at least once so I used to use this as a crutch for my caffeine fix but I've kicked that excuse to the curb. I have, however, drank so much water that some days I feel like I am going to float away.

Here are this week's posts in case you've missed them:
Monday: Always & Forever, A Paper Lovin' Girl
Tuesday: My Loves | Meet My Guys
Thursday: Discover Essential Oils with Simply Earth

This week we are going to enjoy the warmer weather we have. For it to be 60 in February is unheard of here so you'll be able to find us outside most of the weekend.

Happy Friday, friends!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Discover Essential Oils with Simply Earth

Essential oils are all the rave right now. I, too, love using them in our household and to help with common colds, allergies and every day pains. Many people are interested in oils but a bit intimidated with how to use them, which ones to mix together and understanding the perks of oils. One way to make introducing oils into your family is to create DIY products to use in natural ways, like when you wash your hands, clean your home or take a bath/shower. But where do you get such recipes? Pinterest of course is a great place to find a few but I've discovered a handful of news ways curiosity of my monthly Simply Earth subscription box.

I use essential oils every day and it took me a bit to really find my way with how to make them work for my family. Simply Earth takes the guess work out of that with these monthly boxes.  The benefits of and uses for essential oils is endless it seems and I admit I’ve so happy I discovered the world of essential oils. I use a blend to help me with Connor's seasonal allergies, peppermint and orange essential oil to give me energy and thieves to help keep germs away from our family. While this is not to give any medical advice ever I can say that these oils and combinations have really made a difference in my family's overall health since we started using them in April of 2015. The options are endless with oils, regardless of the brand you use.

Now let’s specifically talk about the Simply Earth essential oils and their amazing guarantee that their essential oils are 100% pure. What’s even more amazing is that the Simply Earth essential oils are so reasonably priced. Many are in the $6.95-$9.95 range. For a high quality, 100% pure essential oil that is fantastic. There are of course some that are more expensive and that’s consistent with any brand. But I've been using my Simply Earth oils for the last month or so and can't see or feel a difference in them compared to the name brand I have on hand.

With each monthly box, you get 4-5 essential oils (my box included Spearmint, Coffee, Citrus Burst and Ginger) along with recipe cards to make things like bath bombs, a diffuse necklace, a digest roll on and more. I also received a 4 ounce bottle of coconut oil which is a new carrier oil for me. Once I try these recipes, I an easily duplicate them since I have plenty of oils on hand and the recipe cards.

If you’ve been wanting to try essential oils or have been looking for a brand that was 100% pure but didn’t cost an arm and a leg make sure to connect with Simply Earth! I am eagerly awaiting my next monthly and discovering new ways to add oils to our daily routine. Be sure to check out their website as they are currently offering a FREE diffuser with your monthly purchase.

*Thank you Simple Earth for sending up a monthly subscription box at no cost to use. We've been enjoying discovering new recipes and oils. As always, I only share products and services that I completely love and support. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves | Meet My Guys

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! Today I am dedicating my post to the two loves of my life, my Mister and my little love. James and Connor make my world go round, even when sometimes I'm at the point of madness. I truly wouldn't want it any other way. We have so much fun together and when it comes down to it, I am really lucky to be married to my best friend and able to stay at home and raise our only child.

James and I have been together almost 9 years (April) and married for nearly 6 (June). We meet while working for an IT training company. James is 5 years older than I am and the complete opposite of me in so many ways. I am very much the emotional part of our union while he is the logical part of our marriage. I'm all heart, he is all brains. Here are some fun facts about my Mister...
1. I was raised by my Mother and Grandmother.

2. I have a brother, Jeff, he's nine-years older than me.

3. I went to catholic school my entire life.

4. I have only ever worked in three industries, recruiting, advertising and training.

5. I've been with my current employer New Horizons since 2007. I had about 6 people on my team when I started as a local sales manager. As VP of Sales today I have just over 100 people on my team.

6. We meet at New Horizons and I was interested in Stephanie almost immediately after we met. We started dating about four-months later and have been together ever since.

7. My mother, Connie, passed away from cancer, very quickly and much too young at 59.

8. Stephanie had to leave New Horizons when I became her boss. A few years later she worked for me again at NH with approval of the CEO. He officially "fired" her on Christmas Eve, because she has just had CJ and was not returning to work.

9. It took us about two-weeks to get pregnant once we started trying. Despite the fact that Stephanie said it would probably take a year.

10. Connor an amazing boy and a great combination of his Momma and Papa.

Connor is a couple months shy of being 4.5 (how in the world?). He is the center of our lives and while I know many people warned us of this, he is truly spoiled rotten. As a forever only child he is bound to be, right? Connor is an almost Halloween baby, lover of Christmas and making messes. Here are some fun facts about CJ...

1. His favorite food is cheese and meatballs.

2. Red is his current favorite color.

3. He can't choose a best friend, he likes them all equally.

4. As of this morning, when he grows up he wants to be a race car driver.

5. His least favorite task is eating veggies.

6. When asked, he is his own hero #humble

7. Playing his with hot wheels is his favorite.

8. Scooby Doo is the only thing he wants to watch lately.

9. His all-time vacation was when he went to the beach.

10. His thankful Jesus gave him his family and friends.

I couldn't ask for a better pair of fellas in my life. This evening I get to have dinner with Connor, he picked pizza and we are going to watch Finding Dory. James is traveling for business and if I can't spend Valentine's Day with him, spending it with Connor is the next best date.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Always & Forever, A Paper Lovin' Girl

I am certain that I am going to come across extremely old-fashioned today, maybe even just old. But when cleaning up my desk this weekend I realized that I am truly a lover of all things paper. From the book I am reading to how I schedule and plan our week to my daily to do list, I most certainly prefer paper over anything electronic. And here's why.

Paperback Books:
While I love the convenience of e-books, there are just some books of which I would prefer the hard copy. Especially books of reference where I highlight things I want to remember or place sticky notes on the pages that have information to which I may want to refer again. I also love seeing exactly how much book is left. Many times I'll discover I only have 50-100 pages and that's all the push I need to read a bit more, to finish I book I've fallen in love with. Seeing an end in sight often excites me. #bookworm There is just something about the feel of paper that makes me want to read or be creative.

Paper planners:
I have found that I can be more productive using a paper planner instead of an electronic calendar. I love my iPhone but it just doesn't work for me when planning out our weeks/month. After years of trying to come up with an electronic system of tracking my calendar and to-do lists all in one place, I have decided to switch back to my faithful paper planner. Additionally, the process of writing out our week allows it make room in my brain too and I have this visual of writing our our plans, making them stick in my mind a bit more. 

Hand-written Notes:
Email is easy and instant but there is something about opening a hand-written note from a family member or friend. Knowing that they took the time to put pen to paper and share some thoughts, support and news with you. Y'all know my love of snail mail and I get downright giddy when I get a surprise piece of mail from a friend. In a day in age when everything is typed, it's nice to see a person's handwriting. I have a few pieces of hand-written notes, cards and recipes from loved ones that have passed away and I'll forever cherish being able to see their handwriting. 

Paper To-do List:
Each morning I start my day with creating my to-do list for the day and seeing what needs to be accomplished. I've tried using the notes app on my smart phone for this but it just doesn't click. I like crossing off things as I finish them and seeing my progress really makes me feel like I've accomplished something, especially one days when the 4 year old has been less than easy. The same goes for my grocery list. I like having a paper list to shop from. Usually I have to use apps like Target's Cartwheel or Ibotta so I don't need other window open to "deal" with at the grocery store. 

I've tried to use less paper and more technology throughout the day but it's just a habit that won't stick. And if I'm being completely honest, I'm not that upset about it. I truly love all things paper. Anyone else a paper lovin' gal like myself? 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

British Soccer Camp Discount Code + Freebies

I know many of us are still dealing with cold weather but I've got Spring and Summer on my mind and with that comes with thoughts of the fun things I want to sign Connor up for this year. Now that he is 4 he is old enough for sports at the Y and special camps around the city. One that I am eager to sign him up for is the British Soccer Camp that is coming to town this year. He attended a soccer camp last year and I know he would love this camp as well!

British Soccer Camps are the most popular soccer camp in the US. With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, The British Soccer Camp provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert's right in the heart of their own community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!

If your little one is a budding soccer star or maybe you just want to burn off a bit of that never-ending energy they have, be sure to check out this deal with British soccer camp and US Family Guide -- enroll you child in a camp today & GET A FREE SOCCER JERSEY, SOCCER BALL, T-SHIRT & POSTER with code: CAMP17 Just visit this link to sign-up and score your freebies:

Friday, February 10, 2017

Little Letters | Volume 2

Happy Little Letters Friday, friends! Today is the day I write letters to my husband, to Connor and friends, to people in places I've visited, to the thoughts in my head and everything in between. I'll be sharing a letter-filled post with you each month on the second Friday. I'd love for you to join me as I join Kristin from Taz and Belly for this fun new Friday link-up. As Kristin said they can be serious or silly, just cozy up with a cup of joe/tea/wine and share your thoughts in short letter form. Let's begin! 

Dear John Mayer, 
I was so so so looking forward to seeing you in concert this Spring. I went online to order tickets for the Mister and I only to be smacked in the face with a total of $230. While my love for you runs deep, I can not and will not pay that much to hear you sing or watch your hands caress guitar after guitar. Instead I'll purchase your CD and call it a day. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 
You have got yourself a fan for life in me. I am on Season 1 Episode 16 and can not wait for the next "shoe to drop". My favorite character is Nora, played by Sally Fields. If I am one ounce the lady she is when I'm old and a grandma, I'll be one happy lady, full of sass, personality and whit. 

Dear Connor, 
You have been amazing lately. Not only are you sleeping more but your temperament has completely changed. Goodbye is the 4 year old that drove me batty day after day. Now you are sweet and funny, wanting to cuddle and read books, play games and watch movies. This is the Connor I "signed" up for. Please stick around. 

Dear Bedtime, 
Why is it you and can't seem to get on the same page? I'd love for you to visit around 9:30 or so but it seems like you get lost each evening and don't show up till closer to 11. We need to work on this. Let's meet in the middle and hang out around 10:15; Momma needs her sleep.

Dear People Who Use Social Media to Complain 24/7,
I can not for the life of me believe that your sole purpose is to drive me nuts, make me roll my eyes and cause nothing but drama. I know there is so much going on in our country and many people are unhappy with the President of the United States but I can promise you this, bitching will get you no where. Stop your ranting, get off Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and do something about the things you dislike. Words mean something, actions mean more. 

Dear Trolls,
You are the cutest movie I've seen in a while and I have to admit, your soundtrack as been played on repeat for a week straight. Connor sleeps with his stuffed Princess Poppy nightly and often reminds me, Rudy and his stuffed animals throughout the day that happiness is in your heart, you just need to look for it. This is a lesson I hope CJ never forgets. Also, Justin and Anna, I love you both. 

Dear No Spend February,
So far you and I are doing really well together. However, I know for a fact that there is no way I can not spend money while on vacation at the end of the month. Maybe if I have James swipe a card when paying it won't mean I shopped? There has to be a loophole for me to use so that I can accomplish this task. 

Dear Orlando,
Your weather right now is looking heavenly. I'd like for it to stay that way, most importantly stay dry when we are visiting. I have had enough of the rain this winter here in Ohio, I expect nothing but sunshine and blue skies at the end of the month. 

Happy Friday, friends! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February's TKBTB with Connor J

Welcome to February's The Kids Behind The Blog linkup. Thank you to everyone that shared their little ones with us last month. If you are new to the linkup, you can get all the details in THIS POST but the gist of it is for us mom bloggers to give some spotlight to our littlest loves, the ones that made us mothers. Each month you will ask your little one(s) a handful of questions that the TKBTB hosts provide and than share those answers with us in a link-up post the second Wednesday of each month. Simple enough, right? Connor has been really lovin' the idea of Valentine's Day {I think he mostly just wants a class party} so today I'm sharing his thoughts on all things love.

What does the word love mean to you? Love you! You say it all day to your family.
Kids choice! How do you want to spend Valentine's Day? With everybody that I love. 
Do you have a Valentine? If so, who? Yes, Momma I do. {Who?} My Mammaw.
How many days are in the month of February? 9? {with a look of "I have no clue" and a shrug of his shoulders}
How do you show someone you love them? By hugging them. And kissing them. And by hugging them. 

To expand on Connor's answers: Connor is a lover. He is a toucher. So to hear him say that you kiss and hug people doesn't surprise me. He requests no less than 10 hugs a day. I enjoy the fact that he mentioned hugging twice because that's how much of a fan he is of it. {PS - this is not a trait he gets from me!} I thought he would say Macie for his Valentine but when he said my Mom, my heart melted a bit. He sure does love his Mammaw. When I asked how many days February had, I was sure he would say 100 because everything is 100 these days but instead he said 9.

Next month we are going to talk about Spring and St. Patrick's Day. Here are the 5 questions for your little ones:
What's at the end of a rainbow?
What do you like to do when it rains?  Jump in puddles or play inside? 
If you found a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow what would you do? 
Tell me three ways you know it is spring time. 
Do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day? What happens if you don't wear green?

Grab our button and join us this month and next (March 8) with the cute, sassiness that is life with a child. You never know what will come out of a little person's mouth. We would love it if you shared such gems with us.

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