Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday V6

Oh hey Thursday! How happy am I to see you? Thrilled really because this weekend we are having a date night, I get to shower a friend at her baby girl's baby shower and Sunday we get to go to church again ... because I am finally healthy! Adios virus! It doesn't really take much to get me excited I know! It's been a while since I've shared some random thoughts so I figured now would be as good a time as any. Grab yourself a coffee and pull up a seat while I share with you some thoughts on Thursday...

... Connor has been YouTube Kids free for 4 days and I swear it's made all the difference in his attitude I'm not sure if you are familiar with the what's available there but he is a fan of watching videos of families recording themselves doing the most random things like playing a board game, going to a park, playing tag in the house. Seriously the most ridiculous and random things. But there are others that he likes that are of other people playing video games. You just watch people... live life? I'm not sure what's so appealing. We do those exact same activities. However, I've noticed him mocking the kids on these videos and he keeps using words I'm not a fan of (chump, poser, murder, kill) so I delete the app and haven't felt one bit sorry. 4 year olds are hard as it is, I don't need anyone giving him any ideas. 

... I have an acquaintance who has unknowingly {but maybe not} brought it to my attention how wrong I always am. Like her way is the only way. As in she says "You are wrong". Who does that? It drives me nuts and puts me in the worst of moods when we chat, which isn't often, so I've decided to literally pray through her rants. I may not being giving her the attention she needs while talking but I'm okay with that. I'd rather pray for a cool level head then hear how I'm wrong, she is right. I also think I'll stop asking her for advice. That alone solves all the problems. {She doesn't read my blog so this comment is safe here.}

... The highlight of my week was renewing our Sam's membership and redeeming a $10 gift card for doing so. How lame am I? We don't do a ton of bulk shopping but some things are priced cheaper there, we use them for birthday cakes and cupcakes and I like walking around checking out different Sam's brand finds. I ended up using my gift card to buy a super comfy sweatshirt. It's the softest material and I'm going to wear it tomorrow. 

... James and I are going on vacation in the Spring and I'm super eager to spend some one on one with just him. Connor has school and swim so my parents will be watching him so this is truly a treat for us/me. We did the same thing two years ago when we went to Cabo and I can promise you I'm going to soak up every second of sun, sand and silence. Kid free vacation are highly encouraged in our household. 

... Making the decision to blog one less day a week has been the most genius idea I've ever had {blog wise}. I am able to spend at least one day a week doing absolutely nothing on the computer. That day was yesterday for this week. We went to school in the AM, I had breakfast with a friend, ran some errands, picked C up from school, visited a friend and her little boy for lunch and then we came home and I did a quick at home workout, Connor played and then I relaxed. These are the days I wanted more of and I'm happy I made the decision to say no to what didn't matter and yes to what does. 

... Each month I share must make meals and this month I'm going to be sharing meals that clear out the cabinets. We have some of the oddest items in our freezer and pantry and I want them used. For example, I have stuffing and biscuit mix along with sour cream and cream of chicken. Not items we usually ever have on hand so I need to use them so they don't go to waste. I can't wait to see the hodge podge post that becomes. 

... Moms who have their hair fixed and make-up on daily... how do you pull that off? While Connor is at school MWF I got to the gym and run errands, pick him up, have lunch, shower. I don't see the need {desire?} to put on a full face of makeup and do my hair at 2PM. I feel like I'm being wasteful, although I'm sure I look a complete wreck. I've thought about showering in the AM but I wouldn't do my makeup to workout and I sweat so much I'd have to take a second shower. Why does this process baffle me so?

So that's a bit of what's on my mind this morning. Random like always, but always real. What's on your mind? Share a thought or two in the comments below.

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