Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"Simon Says ... Snowman!" - FREE Printable and Reading List

If the tune "do you want to build a snowman" makes your cringe a bit then you are going to LOVE today's solution to having a bit of snow fun minus the snow or the Disney movie "Frozen".

We are located in Ohio which means we get the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons. Add to that that each season has both it's pros and cons, we often find ourselves loving one thing about Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall while dislike a few things along the way as well. For me, I love that Winter brings with it cooler temps, often times downright frigid. I am truly a lover of cooler weather. One thing I don't like about Winter is snow. I am not a fan. I've never been a fan and would perfectly okay with not dealing with it. Ever.

However as a parent we do things we don't like. For me that's having "fun" in the snow with Connor. As my luck would have it snow has been MIA here this Winter so we've been forced to come up with others ways to "enjoy" the festivities that snow brings with it. Like building a snowman.

The idea of Simon Says Snowman came to me when Connor asked time and time again when he was going to get the chance to build Frosty. Because I can't give him snow, I decided to do the next best thing. Set up his easel with a naked snowman and allow him to create to his heart's content. To work on our listening skills along with shapes, colors and numbers, I created a printable Simon Says... game board to give us the steps we needed to create a one of kind snowman from the comfort of our room cozy home.

Simply right click and save to print this form for yourself. Next, I set up an empty snowman, gave C plenty of room to work with his multiple tools and away we went.

Is that not the most top notch snowman you've ever seen? He had an blast playing, which is evident on his sweet face. I think Simon Says... could work for a lot of different places and characters: bunny rabbits, swimming pools, pumpkins and Christmas trees. Do you see where this is leading me? This is a quick game but along the way I asked him questions to throw in a bit of a learning aspect. When the word rosey popped up I asked him what color rosey would be. He picked red and we were on our way. He couldn't out 6 buttons per the cue card and so on.

After our game we cuddled and read a handful of books all about snow. Here are 6 books sharing adventures about snow, snowman and the fun that one could enjoy during the cold Winter months:

Snowman at Night by Carlayn Buehner
Perfect Snow by Barbara Reid
First Snow by Emily Arnold McCully
All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle
The Snow Beast by Chris Judge

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