Thursday, January 26, 2017

School Day Shenanigans | Winter Day in the Life

Last Summer I decided I wanted to do quarterly day in the life style posts. These can be either loved or hated by readers because of all the details that can go into them but as a mom blogger who uses their blog as their child's baby book, they are a must. So with all that in mind, I started sharing a day in the life with you all and it's been fun sharing every day life. Here are the recaps of Summer 2015Winter 2016, Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 {Spring is missing #sorryImnotsorry}. And now, here is a typical winter day with our family. 

I decided to use yesterday for our DITL post because I forgot to take photos on Monday and Tuesday. This is pretty much what a normal day is like, especially on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays since those are our school days. Also the photos included in today's posts are straight from my phone so they are as unedited as they come.

My day started at 7:09 when I decided to stop hitting the snooze button, although I only hit it once this morning. #smallvictories. I shower, do my makeup and get dressed before waking Connor up around 7:40. I change his clothes, brush his teeth and we head downstairs for breakfast and cartoons before school. 

I've been working on a side braid and it's finally coming together so I snapped a selfie to show a few friends that have been so nice about dealing with me sharing my love/hate on learning how to braid. Yes, I'm 34 years old and just learning how to braid.  

While Connor ate breakfast, I made my to do list and myself a protein smoothie for breakfast. This is my go to breakfast on school mornings since it's simple and keeps me full till lunch around 12:45. Connor will be at school for 3 hours and I wanted to get a handful of things done before picking him up so a list is a must. 

Drop off is at 9:15. We've been working on Connor carrying his own book bag. It seems simple but my gosh, he wants his Momma to do all.the.things. for him. Connor loves school and going is never an issue. Although he has mentioned wanting to be homeschooled. I think that's because a few of his friends are. 

I get back home and start on my to do list. First up is the laundry that needs put away. I've never been a clean clothes in the laundry basket person but I've been a bit lazy lately. Once laundry is done, I clean up our bedroom and Connor's and finish off my list - dishes, toys and vacuuming. 

I have about 35 minutes before heading out to get Connor from school so I jump online and read a handful of blogs and answer a few emails. I try to read blogs when Connor is at school so that I'm not on my laptop a ton when he is around. I really need to add the Bloglovin' app to my phone. 

After picking up Connor, we grab lunch and head to our friend's for a play date. We visited with Nili from Handfuls of Life. Nili and I meet through MOPS and became fast friends. She started blogging in the Fall so check out her blog. We play till 3 then head home. 

On the way home we stop and got a box of sweet treats for after dinner. Mine is the Andes Mint cupcake because in my world, mint make everything better. Connor insisted on getting pink sprinkles cookies because "Daddy likes cookies with pink". Truth: Connor likes cookies. Daddy has nothing to do with it. 

When we get home Connor plays and I start to go through my consignment items. I spent about an hour working through the stuff I have and only labeled 9 shirts and 13 DVD's. I am so happy I started now and didn't wait till the last minute. I only hope the money I make is worth the time it takes to prep. 

While I cook dinner, Connor plays "science experiment". This is his new thing since I've put into place a rule of no TV/iPad after 5PM. While it creates a lot of clean-up, I've enjoyed our time together in the kitchen. 

After dinner we put together a puzzle that shouldn't have stressed me out but did. Puzzles aren't something I usually enjoy but Connor did really well with this one and I enjoyed our teamwork. 

Connor had that blue cupcake and boy did he enjoy it! We instantly had to take a bath. Bath time can be a mess most nights, something about it hypes Connor up. But last night, it went pretty well. 

Connor is asleep by 8:15PM. James read him a couple of books and then I put him to bed. We have to stay with him till he falls asleep. As you know sleep is tricky around here so the fact that he was in bed and asleep without tears and tantrums before 8:30 is a win for us. 

Once C is in bed, I sat down to put this post together while James and I watch Shameless. Does anyone watch this show? It's a total mess and a guilty pleasure for sure. 

There you have it. That's a day in the life for our family during the winter, on a school day. Nothing too exciting but I love photographing and sharing our daily lives. These are the days I'll miss when this time next year we'll have a 5 year old in pre-K so I'll forever cherish our days of being home together! 

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