Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favs: Vacuums, Flannel Sheets and Chicken

Dear Friday, I love you so and have been looking forward to seeing you since Tuesday afternoon when I discovered it was Tuesday and not Thursday. #ouch Am I the only one still suffering from the wackiness that is the holidays? Between Christmas and New Year, short weeks of preschool and being sick, I feel like 2017 has been on huge week, not actually 20 full days. I'll get my act together sooner or later {it's going to be later, promise!}. Here are this weeks random thoughts and highlights.


I am in love with this vacuum. Yes, in love with a vacuum. I've been wanting one to clean my car out with, to keep the couches tidy with and to just keep things in check. Using this is so much easier than using my Dyson with the attachments. Even Connor has used it to clean up his cracker messes. James picked it up for me for Christmas. It's the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser from Target {and on sale right now!}. It's more expensive than other options but from my experience, it's the best. It also keeps a pretty long charge.


Connor loves his new Pillow Fort Doodle flannel sheets and has been requesting play and quiet time in his room. I think it's so he can lay in his room cozy bed. I have to make him keep clothes on and we've agreed that if he doesn't want jeans on he can wear his "steppies". That's what he called footed pajamas. So on Thursday he stayed in pajamas all day and laid in his bed chatting with me while I cleaned and put away laundry. Some days he is sweet and makes me think I'm winning. Others days he is full of personality and sass.

In an effort to eat more meals at home and eat better, healthier meals I've had to step up my chicken game. Chicken can get really boring really fast when you don't want to waste a ton of calories on dressing and such. I discovered this Truffled Parmesan rub from AllSpice and it's amazing. I've used it on chicken and veggies {sweet potatoes are really tasty with this rub} and it adds such amazing taste. Like so much so chicken doesn't have to be bland anymore. You only need a bit to add a ton of flavor.


A friend of mine let me borrow this book {Hi Christine!} and I can't wait to dig in. I am really aiming to spend more of my downtime reading because it really relaxes me. I find that I don't do much sitting around and I think I need to at least take 30-60 minutes a day to really just relax. No TV, no phone, no blogging. Just turning my mind off and reading. So far this month I've read 3 books this month and am eager to really to hit my goal this year of 25+ books. {Find details on this book here: The Underground Railroad}.


Speaking of books, we've discovered bedtime stories series and we are in love. Each story takes about 5 minutes to read and we usually read 2 a night. Connor loves the stories included and looks forward to hearing them. We have 2: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories and The Big Book of Bedtime Stories. I purchased both at a second hand book store for less than $7 a piece. They are such good reads and perfect for ages 4-8. I think the older kids would love reading these stories, too. The words aren't too difficult. We also picked up this sweet "God Made You Nose to Toes"*. It's a cute book filled with the reminder that God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be; in his image and perfect! Connor has such a sweet heart so I love sharing simple messages like this with him via children's books that he can understand.

Here is a recap of the 3 posts we shared this week: 

*I received our book for free from BookLook Bloggers. However our love of reading and sharing new books with you is all our own. #bookworms unite!

Happy Friday, friends!  

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