Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favs: Steps, Bible Study and Quotes

The first snowfall of 2017 arrived yesterday and this morning all we want to do is stay in bed and cuddle. But we have school, housework, gym time and a play date with friends so we can't lay around for too long (and Connor isn't known for taking it easy in the morning). The first full week of the new year was pretty good to our family. We started the year off healthy with big hopes and expectations for the next 12 months. Here are this week's highlights and random thoughts.


'Tis the week, maybe even month, of healthy choices, right? I mentioned yesterday that our family's word of the year is change and with that comes a desire to have a healthier lifestyle. This week, I've challenged myself to hit 250 steps per hour from 9-5. This is pretty manageable most days but when I sit down to do blog work, I can easily sit still for an hour so I've been working for 30-40 minutes then getting up and getting my hourly steps in by picking up the house, folding laundry, doing a chore or two. It takes me longer to complete a post or read blogs but I'm determined to hit my my goal between 9-5.

Speaking of healthy choices, share with me your favorite snacks for you. I don't usually snack during the day but I have a hunger hour around 3:30 and need something to hold me over till dinner which is usually anywhere between 6-6:30. I'd like to stay away from foods high in sugar as I'm trying to cut back on how much I take in from day to day.


We went to IKEA on New Year's Day and I picked up these glass containers for storing snacks and such. I like the pop of color the food gives my counter and it's easy to pour from when giving Connor a snack of graham crackers or Goldfish. I've been eating more granola lately and this was the perfect way to store it once I accidentally ripped the bag in half. I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA but this time around it wasn't too bad so I say as of right now I love them.


Give me all the Jesus. Seriously. I am not one who can tell you Bible verse after Bible verse. I'm not skilled that way. But my hope is to grow more knowledgeable and closer to Christ this year. So I each day I spent about 30 minutes reading from these 3 books. It might seem like a lot but both devotionals are quick reads. Each provides a Bible verse so I'll find that in my Bible and read the chapter that verse is taken from. I'm slowly working through my Bible and as James said one day I'll open it up and everything will be highlight. One can hope!


Letterboards are the new "it" item this year and I jumped on board quicker than quick! I couldn't bring myself to pay what they were asking so I went to Etsy in search of one and was lucky enough to find one and have it gifted to me for Christmas. For a fraction of the cost, I got a gray one that fits perfectly in our living room and matching the decor. James purchased it from Wild Blu Yonder on Etsy and as of this morning she doesn't have any listed. However, these search results gives you a ton of other options, all handmade and from a small business.

Our weekend is going to be pretty low key. It's the only one in which we don't have plans so I think we will take the time to spend together, play games, watch movies and stay in pajamas. What's on your agenda?

Here are this week's posts in case you've missed one...

Happy Friday, friends!

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