Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February's Menu Wish List

I had high hopes to share with you some great new to us meals today but between being sick for 10 days and being ridiculously busy mealtimes were simple and never photographed. But because I feel like it's been forever since I've been in the kitchen, making delicious meals for the guys and me, I decided to go "shopping" on Pinterest for some wish list meals to add to February's menu.

I've found 5 recipes I want to add to our rotation this month. I'm hoping to add some new flavors and combinations. All photos are from the links shared below each photo and you'll find all the details on each recipe at the original website, which is linked as well. Up first is a one-pan dish, which is all the rave these days.

This one dish chicken and veggie combo has everything you need for a full belly and complete meal. I am huge fan of pesto so this is going on the menu ASAP. I think I could really personalize the dish with our favorite veggies, too. We've been eating a lot of sweet potatoes and I can't get enough of them. Does pesto and sweet potatoes even go together? We are about to find out!

We love meatballs, mostly because it's one thing Connor won't turn down. But these chicken meatballs would be a fun twist on a family favorite. They don't require a lot of tricky ingredients either and I think we could use them for lunch all week long, too. Bonus that this recipe includes it's on dipping sauce. 

I've started a tasty habit of making a fresh pot of soup on Friday night and having it on hand for a quick lunch on Saturday or an easy dinner on Sunday night. Lucky for me, James hasn't complained yet about my love affair with this weekend tradition. I haven't found a soup with tortellini I love just yet so I'm thinking it will be a great addition to the soups we love and make so often. 

When I stumbled across this recipe, I was thrilled to see it's designed to feed a smaller crowd. I would love to have this breakfast bake for dinner but don't need a large serving for just the 3 of us. Most casseroles call for a 9x13 pan but this one is the exception. I am going to make this Thursday and hope it does the trick for us.

James and I both love lemon cake. As in when we order dessert at a restaurant we tend to fight a bit about who gets the last bite of the cake. Our wedding cake was lemon as well. We just had date night and shared a slice of Italian Lemon Cake. I think for Valentine's Day I'll try my hand at making a lemon cake from scratch. 

I hope that now that I feel better and things are back to normal in our household that I'll be able to spend a bit more time in the kitchen. I have to admit I'm fairly hungry now thanks to these tasty finds. 

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