Monday, January 16, 2017

Celebrate Love | $10 at Target Valentine's Day Finds

Remember when I mentioned putting up our Christmas decor on November 12th and y'all thought it was crazy? Well, I have to admit. You may have been right. As soon as the December 26th rolled around, I was deconstructing my tree quicker than quick. While I love my decor, I needed fresh, clean, clutter free space. Tell me I'm not the only one?

I mention that because since picking up today's Target finds, I've been itching to decorate for Valentine's Day. Since this pass Saturday marked one month to V-Day, I figured I could pull out my decor and start now, without too much judgement. It will stay up for a month or so and I'll bring it down to put up Spring decor in March (which is a combination of St. Patrick's Day and Easter; I'm a mess, friends). Thanks to the Target $1 Spot (which isn't really just a dollar any more, is it?!) I picked up a 2 new pieces to decorate with along with cards for Connor's classmate for their Valentine's Day party.

I don't do a lot of decorating for the holidays in January through September. Y'all know my heart is too full of Fall and Christmas for too much more. But last year I did pick up a few new pieces to decorate with when they were marked down. Here is our home ready for February. Forgive me for the quality of some of these photos, they were taken at 6PM last night. Sick life got me like that these days.

Like I said, nothing too fancy but a bit of red, pink and hearts to make bringing in February a bit more fun. February tends to be downright frigid and miserable here in Ohio so cheery decor is always welcomed. 

Be on the lookout for how we styled Connor's Valentine's Day cards to his classmates. I wanted something simple and budget friendly. I'll share the details in an upcoming post; I loved how they turned out. 

Now it's your turn, share with us what you scored this month at Target. We know you've found something completely necessary and totally worth every penny, no matter what your spouse may think. 

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