Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ultimate Holiday Playlist

My love of Christmas is widely known. I celebrate early - November 1 - and go till after the New Year. The Christmas season brings with it happiness that is often missing throughout the year. It's known as the jolliest holiday for a reason, you know? One thing I love the most is the music that the holiday brings with it. Today I am sharing with you my ultimate playlist, perfect for decking the halls, prepping for Santa's arrival or simply because you, too, love a good Christmas tune.

For those of you who have been waiting till December 1st to listen to holiday music you can now indulge (although I have no clue how you held off for so long!). For those of us who have been listening since the first week of November, I hope I've shared a new song or two to add to your rotation.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Mine is Bing Crosby's Silent Night. Anything by Bing is perfection but I really love his Christmas music.

And don't forget today kicks off my Christmas photo challenge. I would love for you to join us this year. All the details can be found here. But to help you out, today's prompt is #selfie. Be sure to use the #2016ChristmasMoments so I can find all you photos over on Instagram!

Happy listening friends! 

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