Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Three Things {December}

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to hit the pause button on all things Christmas for a moment. With Christmas just a few days away I am in overdrive. What better why to just take a break than to do a fun "Three Things' post. I kicked off this fun series last month and I enjoy the simplicity of this style of "currently" post. So with that being said here are December's "Three Things".

1) He just spent a week in Texas but will be home until February. There are a few trips he must take for work but there is one in May he will be going on that I get to join him on.

2) He asked for a bottle cutter for Christmas. Hopefully Santa got his request. Have you seen the cool things you can do with a bottle cutter? Google it. But he is planning on doing a few projects with his new toy (that is if he was on the nice list!).

3) For the first year ever he was smarter than me when it came to shopping for gifts. He had mine shipped to our friends out so a) I don't peek and b) don't talk him into giving them to me early.

1) I can't wait for the holiday to be over -- hear me out! I am over all the indulgent foods. If I don't have to ever see another cookie or sweet treat, it would be too soon. I need a full year of sugar detox.

2) Thanks to a few recommendations I am now hooked on reading anything and books by Richard Paul Evans. The best way to describe his novels (the ones I've read so far) is to say that they are feel good Christian love stories. I'm not sure what has me lovin' them so much but not only are they quick reads but they are light-hearted and sometimes I need that. I tend to pick really dark (death/murder/war filled) novels.

3) I am obsessed with drinking Yogi's green tea blueberry tea. I've been starting my day with a cup and when I need a caffeine pick-me-up I've been reaching for this over coffee and soda. I am trying to drink less of both and this tasty tea has made the transition so much easier.

1) He turned 4 and now has an attitude and sass and spends about 2 hours a day in time out thanks to his inability to listen or follow orders. Heads up Momma, 3 is a breeze compared to 4. A BREEZE!

2) While he is the most ridiculous things on two legs, he is always the cutest kid in town. It's really hard to be mad at him for long. He says and does things that you just can't help but laugh at. He knows how to work the room and boy does he.

3) We've signed Connor up for a dance workshop and I'm beyond to see him in action. The dance company puts on some really great hip-hop routines and the little ones are full of such personality and spunk during the performances so I'm eager to see what they do with Connor.

Three things... totally random but a fun way to share a bit of what's currently going on with each of us.

Happy Hump Day, friends!

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