Thursday, December 15, 2016

SNOW -- Winter Themed Storytime and Crafts

You guys... the high today is forecasted to be 12 degrees. T-W-E-L-V-E! This is ridiculous on every front. I can't believe we choose to live somewhere it's 12 degrees. But we are rolling with it the best we can by staying home and having an "us" day with movies, cuddles and a day of relaxation. To fill our days (because let's face it cabin fever sets in quick) we've been doing a lot of reading and a bit of crafting. This weekend I shared the new book Bear Stays Up for Christmas with you along with a bear craft and today, we are talking about snow. Here is Snow by Manya Stojic and then a few ways to make snow enjoyable from the comfort of your warm home.

Manya Stojic looks at how animals respond when winter weather hits in Snow. Bear yawns and hibernates, Fox grumbles about losing his camouflage, and the geese head south, honking ""So long, snow."" In the pages filled with acrylic paintings, Stojic's brushstrokes emphasize the animals' snuggly allure and how they prepare for the upcoming snowy season. 

After reading Snow we sat down to do 2 super simple crafts. First up we created a snowflake canvas. Using an 8x10 white canvas I created snowflakes with painters tape and let Connor go to town on painting the sky blue. He wanted to use yellow which lead us to a talk about how yellow snow is never fun. 

While our canvas dried we moved on to making a snow covered tree. This was pretty much the cutest creation we've ever tackled together. I used a tree outline made in PicMonkey to get the bases of our tree. Connor then used his fingers to create snow on the branches, ground and sky. 

We let both pieces of "artwork" dry while we watched The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Told From the Cold DVD we picked up from the library with a few other snow/cold weather books.

Oh and Connor's artwork is perfection! Once the we take down our Christmas decorations I plan to decorate a bit for winter. I'm thinking blue, silver and white. 

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