Thursday, December 8, 2016

Save Your Holiday Moments with a Photo Keepsake Box

Last year our family put together our first gingerbread house. We had a blast putting together the candy home and plan to do it again this year. With the start of that one new tradition an idea blossomed. I wanted to make it a tradition to do one new thing each Christmas. Last year it was building our gingerbread house and this year it will be breakfast with Santa. Some of these will be carried over year after year while others will be replaced with new age appropriate activities for our family. With each tradition or memory made this year, I want to keep the mementos from each event in a safe place that we can treasure year after year. What better place to store such keepsakes then in a personalized keepsake box. I recently ordered on from and can't wait to fill it full of Christmas 2016 fun.

I adore our box. I used a photo from this year's Fall photo session, which is the same one that is on our Christmas card. I just love love this photo of me and the guys. I hope to fill my Photo Keepsake Box with keepsakes from our Christmas Bucket List. This weekend we put our bucket list to use and made a small dent in it. I was able to take away a 5 mementos from the events to keep safe in our box.

The Mister and I had a date night on Saturday at Valley Vineyards and I added 2 of our wine glasses to my box. I would like to take these out next year and use them again during a date night with my guy. We also watched (for the very first time) The Polar Express at a theater in my hometown and I kept the ticket stubs to that movie. I added our Christmas card from this year to our collection along with annual family ornament. Lastly, I added a bulletin from our church that shares this year's advent theme of "Let it shine".

As we celebrate Christmas this year and work through our bucket list, I know that are keepsake box will get more and more full of trinkets and such that are near and dear to our heart this holiday season. I plan to add a photo of Connor with Santa, gift tags from our Christmas Eve boxes, a leaf or two from our family wreath and so much more. Ideally, I'd love to have one piece of each bucket list item displayed in our box when Christmas has come and gone.

Do you have a way to store you holiday keepsakes? I'd love for you to share. If not, check out the Photo Keepsake Box from I love ours and plan to fill it for years to come!

Disclaimer: Thank you for providing our family with our keepsake box at no cost to us. We can't wait to fill it up with special memories from this holiday season. 

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