Monday, December 12, 2016

Our {Last Minute} North Pole Play Date

While my love of the holidays isn't news to many, some would be surprised by how much Connor loves celebrating Christmas. You can find him singing Christmas tunes throughout the day, he is eager to help me wrap gifts and put together treats for family and friends and his love of Christmas movies is like no other. Because he is only so little for so long, I thought this would be the perfect chance to capitalize on his joy of the holidays and host our first annual North Pole play date. With the holiday right around the corner I knew I had to get things planned and guests invited quickly. Here is our we planned our last minute North Pole play date with friends.

Tip Number ONE:
Send invites online with Evite's instant, online invitations. Their electronic invitations are easy to complete, go directly to your guests email addresses where they can RSVP with just a click. Evite has fun, gorgeous invites available for free to use (think completely budget friendly!). You can edit the invitations to fit your style and party themed. Add your photos and artwork, personalize the look with text and drawings and embellish with frames, stickers and photo effects. Here is the invitation I sent to friends:

Tip Number TWO:
Use you holiday decor to your benefit. Because our play date is Christmas themed, I made sure to use our dining room to our full advantage because it houses our new Christmas tree. I set the table for crafts and snacks, making full use of the decorations we already on hand - our table runner, small knickknacks and the glow of our Christmas lights. This saved on party decorations. And let's face it, there isn't much better than celebrating next to a Christmas tree!

Tip Number THREE:
Add a bit of festive fun to your food and goodie bags. For the first time ever, I made the snowmen kabobs that I've seen floating around the Internet. Connor thought that was the most amazing creation. #momforthewin. They are a bit messy and take a bit of time but well worth it. Here is what you'll need to make these completely edible and adorable snowmen:

I slid the donuts onto a long wooden skewer (if the donuts aren’t fresh, they may split when you slide them on but sliding them slowly will help) then used an orange Mike and Ike for the nose and a green and red M&M's for the buttons.  I sliced a piece of fruit roll-up to make the scarf and made the eyes by inserting mini chip upside down into the donut. You can do the same for the mouth, I however, completely forgot to give the snowmen a way to talk. Within minutes I had a snowman on a stick for each (big) kid. 

I wanted to provide each guest with a goodies bag for their crafts and any unfinished food. I had an idea that I could make reindeer from paper sacks and I'm so glad I went with it because they are adorable. Add eyes, a red circle nose, clothes pins for antlers and draw on a mouth and you've got yourself Rudolph goodies bags. 

Tip Number FOUR
Share your photos with your attendees. During your invite be sure to snap plenty of photos to share with your guests via Evite's private sharing feed that is attached to your free invitation. Upload photos during or after your party, that can only be seen by your guests, to your feed where guests can comment. This is a great way to share any moments that may go unseen because someone may have been busy with a little one.

Tip Number FIVE
Say thanks and enjoy the rest of your holiday! Once your party is over be sure to send a quick thank you to your guests. This time of year can be busy and for others to fit you in last minute, it's important that you send an instant thank you. Just visit Evite and your original invite list to send get that thank you off your to do list. With just a few clicks you can send a thank you with a personalized message and photos from your party then sit back and enjoy the rest of your December. Especially since Christmas is just 13 days away!

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends. We are blessed with such amazing people that we often feel the need to celebrate with them and do so in big ways. Making memories is something we love to do and that's exactly what we made at our party. It's safe to say we've started a new December tradition with our North Pole play date.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Evite. As a member of the Evite Influencer Program I have been or will be compensated for this post. But as you know #SantaStephanie loves this time of year and celebrating with friends with a North Pole play date was just the icing on the Christmas cake. #Evite #PartyontheFly #LifeisBetterTogether

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