Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Ornament Reveal Day + a No Bake Salt Dough Recipe

Today is all about ornaments. Ones you've given and received and ones you can make with 3 simple ingredients. A few weeks ago, I shared the chance to sign up for a holiday ornament exchange. We had a great turn out and this morning, I get to share with you the ornament (and other goodies) that were sent to me.

I was eager to host this exchange simply because I love decorating our tree with ornaments that all have a different story, that show a bit of our family's personality. I was partnered with Lindsay from Lindsay's Sweet World. Be sure to visit Lindsay's reveal post this morning to see what I sent her. But here is what she was kind enough to gift me this holiday.

I was sent a holiday kitchen towel with pot holder set which I needed. With all the cute decorations I have, I didn't think to pick up a set of kitchen towels. I've been baking more so the green pot holder has been used often, maybe far too often this season. I was also gifted a set of bright red coasters. This were instantly added to our dining room table. We have a set that belong on our dining room but they don't match our holiday decor so of course they had to be put aside. Oh and the ornament? Well it was the most perfect addition to our collection this year.

My love of the Peanuts gang runs deep. I've been spending Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will them since moving out on my own. Those kids became an instant family tradition the moment we had Connor. I have a few Peanut characters on our tree already so this Paratrooper Snoppy was right at home with Charlie, Lucy and Linus.

With the addition to our new Snoopy ornament Connor and I tried making salt dough ornaments for the first time this year. I am so glad we gave this a go. I can guarantee we will be making them for years to come! To make your own salt dough ornaments follow these steps.


1 cup of salt
1 cup of all purpose flours
1/2 cup of warm water
Addition option: add 5-7 drops of Peppermint or Christmas Spirit essential oil

1. Mix ingredients together in a large bowl. Once combined use your hands to knead the dough together. Mixing until the dough is combined well into a ball.
2. Roll your dough out onto parchment paper using a rolling pin. Roll until your dough is about 1/4 inch think or a bit thicker. The thicker you make your ornaments the longer it will take them to dry.
3. Use cookie cutters to cute out shapes. Use a straw to create a hole to use for hanging.
4. Move your cut ornaments to a baking sheet or drying rack and allow to dry for 36-48 hours before painting or decorating.

We used watercolor pants to decorate ours. We water down the pants much more than usual so to not add any additional drying time. Once the paint dried, about an hour, we added ribbon and wrote Connor's name and the year on the back. We plant to give these to a few friends over the next couple of weeks as part of our 2016 Christmas.

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