Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites: Christmas Moments, Happy Mail and A Virus

Oh my word! What a week it's been. I don't know how it's Friday already but I can tell you I'm glad it's here. We've had a doozy of a week and I'll share those details in a bit but for now, let's talk about the highlights of our week.

On Tuesday James came home from work with a temperature and feeling really awful. By Wednesday afternoon I was feeling bad as well. I never got the high temp he got but I had the body aches and couldn't get warm. Just when we thought the end was in sight, Connor started having diarrhea (TMI, maybe?!). He never had a fever but all day Thursday was spent running to and from the potty. As of this morning we are feeling a bit better but not 100%. I can tell you that when the entire family is under the weather it makes for one heck of a way to spend the week.


December 1st kicked off our 3rd year of our Christmas photo challenge and I am thrilled to report that as of last evening we've had 337 photos added to the challenge. I love that so many of you are joining in the fun. The first 8 days of the included the prompt selfie, red, lights, sweets, Santa, tradition, gift and music. It's not too late to join us. All you have to do is snap a photo that fits the daily prompt, upload it and use #2016ChristmasMoments so we can take part in your Christmas celebrations. A full list of the prompts can be found here!


Earlier this week I received my goodies from this year's stocking stuffer exchange. Amy from Keepin' Up with The Smiths was my partner and she killed it with her gift giving skills! We are going to be putting together our gingerbread house this weekend and I can't wait to add these little people to our home. And those Ghirardelli squares lasted all of 15 seconds in my possession. THANK YOU AMY! Visit Amy's blog to see what I sent her!


The same day I got those goodies from Amy, I received another package from my secret sister book exchange partner. It couldn't come at a better time as Connor was home from school with an awful cough so some fun snail mail brighten his day. I was thrilled when I discovered that I had Desiree from Macke Monologues shopping for Connor and I. Desiree knows my love of reading all too well so I knew she would find something perfect for us. I had asked for chapter books for Connor and was sent 3; Toys Go Out, Toys Come Home and Toy Dance Party. Desiree sent me Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain and The Abundant Mama's Guide to Savoring Slow by Shawn Fink. When Winter arrives here you will be able to find Connor and I cuddled up with our books. Thank you Desiree!


Our weekend is pretty low-key. Our only must dos are Breakfast with Santa tomorrow and church on Sunday. I don't really want to push it and do too much so this will be a pretty lazy weekend for us. We will put our gingerbread house together too but the perk of that is we can do it our pajamas from the comfort of home.

In case you missed a post or two from this week, here is what we shared Monday thru Thursday:

Here's to a weekend full of rest and relaxation. 
Happy Friday, friends!

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