Monday, December 5, 2016

Favorite Fonts: Winter Edition

Winter has arrived in our home state of Ohio. It's was windy, rainy and a chilly 40 degrees all weekend and today the high is only 43. It's safe to say we have seen the last of bit of warm weather till mid-April. Winter is long and sometimes brutal in our neck of the woods but hey at least we can say we experience all seasons, the good and the bad. I am embracing the Winter season today with 10 of my favorite cold weather inspired fonts. Fonts that would be perfect to use on photos, with crafts, on printables and just about anything you want to add a message to. And bonus points for me because each of these are a free download from the website, Da Font. Here are my top snowy font picks for Winter 2016.

Downloading is super easy, too! Follow the links above to download. Save to your computer. Once you've downloaded your choices, you'll need to restart your computer. Once we restart you can instantly put these winter inspired fonts to use on your blog and images. Additionally, what I love about adding new fonts to my collection is that they work in Word and PicMonkey, which are my top two (free) blogger tools. Be sure to check them out if you haven't already. I love that I can download fonts with a few clicks and they are available to use instantly with PicMonkey, which is where I edited images and create prints and images for my blog posts. White Snowfall was a free download through The Hungry JPEG. Sign up for their newsletter for access to some really pretty fonts at no cost to you. They often have $1 fonts as well. 

My favorite fonts from this collection is Snowflake Letters and PC Snowballs?
Which do you like best? 

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