Monday, December 12, 2016

Classroom Holiday Party {Candy Free} Goodies Bags

Connor's class will have a Christmas party before breaking for winter holiday. I love putting together goodies bags for the little ones and thought this could be our gift to his classmates this holiday. Instead of coming up with 23 small gifts we spent the afternoon shopping for goodie bag stuffers. Connor loves putting these treats together for his friends so he was sold on the idea (lucky me!). Here are the candy free goodies bags we will be passing out during his classroom holiday party.

With 23 kids in his class, I need to be smart with my picks as to not spend too much. While I love the idea of celebrating the holiday with his classmates, I wasn't looking to spend a ton on treats when Christmas is just days after their party. My first stop was the Dollar Spot where I grabbed pencils, erasers and band-aids. I then visited Wal-Mart where I found stamps, stickers and pencils sharpeners and goodie bags for the items. 

We packed these up and will pass them onto his teachers this week for the party. I love that Connor is involved in the choosing and making of the treats we give his peers. He has such a giving heart and told me who each bag was for. His love of the holiday is next to none... well maybe to mine! 

With the holiday right around the corner -- less than 2 weeks till Christmas, folks! -- we've been finding fun ways to celebrate with family and friends, classmates, too! 

Happy Monday friends! 

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