Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Bucket List {UPDATE}

Anyone else freaking out a bit because Christmas is just 3 days away? I feel like December 1st was yesterday and yet we are just a few days away from celebrating Christmas! Because this month is flying by I figured we might want to check in with our bucket list and see what we've accomplished and what we need to do next because if there is something we don't have a lot of this week(end) it's time.

Visit Valley Vineyards
At the beginning of the month we got together with 4 other couples and visited a local vineyard. I may or may not have came home with an entire bottle of sangria because it was just that good. A date night with my guy was exactly what we needed.

Make a Family Wreath
Our trio was supposed to attend a wreath making class but due to weather it was cancelled. Only problem is I already put Make a Family Wreath on my bucket list. So I figured we would make a wreath of my own using our hand-prints. It's not perfectly but it's made from each of our hands so that makes it okay in my book. I hung it in my office and now there's a bit of holiday cheer decking the walls.

Watch The Polar Express
Our family has never watched this movie before but when we discovered the theater in my hometown was showing it we bought tickets and experienced a family first. We all enjoyed the movie and plan to watch it again next Christmas. One more movie grab my attention: Gone With The Wind. I am hoping to go see it in theater later this month.

Have Breakfast with Santa
I registered us for a morning with Santa at a local hotel and it was the most perfect set-up. We had breakfast (Connor had far too much sugar) and we got to chat with the Jolly One. It was the best Santa experience and I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Make a Gingerbread House
We started our gingerbread house tradition last year and it's one that I am so thrilled to do. One thing we did differently this year was buy a pre-made house. Doing so will save your marriage, your patience with your child and Christmas won't be ruined. Getting the house together is the hardest part, right? So this eliminates that hassle. We added gingerbread people that were a gift from Amy at Keepin' Up with The Smiths in our stocking exchange.

Have Donuts with Friends
Our North Pole party may have been a bit tricky since we all had some crazy virus but that didn't stop us from sharing some donut joy with friends. I love celebrating the holidays with Connor's friends (and their Mommas).

Have a Movie & Pajama Day
Yesterday was our only "free" day this week so we spent it doing as little as possible. Connor and I stayed in pajamas and had a Christmas movie marathon. In between movies we read books, played games and I did some laundry and cleaning. Days when we get to be homebodies are always welcomed.

Send Holiday Snail Mail
Sending cards is one of my favorite Christmas tasks. Receiving them is a lot of fun, too. I love how much joy and love you see in the photos used on the cards. It's safe to say this time of year makes even the biggest of Grinches a bit of a sucker for some Christmas cheer.

We have just 5 tasks left on our bucket list and I think we will be able to pull each of them off. The only one that is a bit tricky is visiting Clifton Mills. Because of the cold weather and/or rain we are getting it's not the funniest experience. I'm not a big fan of being cold and wet. But we may be able to get a quick visit in. Either way Christmas is in just 3 days and our family of 3 has had the best December!

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