Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas 2016 Ornament Show & Tell

Decorating our tree is one of my favorite tasks during the holiday. I love seeing our ornaments again for the first time after they've been packed away all year, reliving the stories associated with each one. Today, I'm joining a group of ladies to host our Christmas Ornament Show & Tell. Here are a few of my most cherished ornaments and why.

Our 7.5 foot tree is covered in ornaments so I had to really narrow down how the ones I wanted to share. If not this would be very long blog post all about ornaments. I feel like so many of them have a story to tell or special meaning. I decided to share just 8. Each mean a lot to me and encompasses something that is very important to me: family.

One of a kind Connor Ornament - Connor made this in preschool last year and it's his very first Christmas craft he brought home from school. Also? His photos cracks me up every time I see it. Just the other day he asked who the little boy was in that photo! It looks nothing like him. 

Our 2016 Family Ornament - James and I have an ornament from each of the Christmases we've spent together. This year and last we have opted for a family ornament. It's a great way to get our Fall photos used and one day I'll love looking back at when our baby was just that, a baby. 

Memorial Ornament - This ornament was a gift from my Mom to James the first Christmas we had after his mom passed away. Connie was James's best friend and she is missed so deeply. I know that a bit of her lives on in Connor and that she is watching over us, laughing with us at the madness that is parenthood.

Connor's Yearly Ornament Pick - each year we let Connor pick an ornament and this year he went with Rainbow Dash from My Little Ponies. He won't like this ornament much when he is a teenager, or heck, even 7, but for now he loves it. 

Red Bird - James's Grandma had a white Christmas tree decorated with red birds. We don't have the extra space for the tree so I placed a bird or two on our tree. I love having a piece of Granny with us during the holidays.

June 5, 2011 - Our wedding date. We have 3 of these wooden disks on our tree. The dates displayed are when we started dating, when we were married and then the day we became parents. I made them at a Pinterest party and it's fun seeing those milestone dates on display. 

Frankenstein - The very fact that someone offers a Halloween ornament makes me happy. Add in that it's of Frankenstein and I am a sucker for it. I loved this the moment I saw it online and it's such a fun ornament that is a bit different than what's usually on a tree.

Macie's 1st Christmas - I was gifted this ornament with Mae Girl's hand-print on her first Christmas. I can't believe baby girl will be celebrating her 7th (!!!) Christmas this year. For a bit I thought maybe she was too cool for her TayTay but she recently wrote me a lovely letter telling me I was "cool cool" and her "BFF". It's hard seeing her so big these days. 

Do you have ornaments that just hold such precious memories? These are just a few of ours. Like I mentioned before I'd love to share them all with you but that would be a lot of work for me and you'd be reading a really long post. Come share your favorite ornaments with us in the link-up below! 

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