Monday, December 19, 2016

The Best of 2016 - From Our Kitchen to Yours

One area of my domestic life that really grew and flourished this year was my confidence in the kitchen. While I haven't always loved spending time preparing meals I've recently discovered that with a bit of will I can find my way around the kitchen. Today I want to share with you 23 recipes we discovered this year. Ones that have made it on permanent meal rotation. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to snack time and the occasional sweet treat my love of cooking has grown. I'm excited to see what fun recipes are in store for us in 2017.


White Chocolate Pretzels
PB & Pumpkin Dip

While each of these meals were tasty and satisfying, I'm eager to add more veggies to our meals, add a meatless dish or two to the rotation, step up our breakfast game and even find ways to enjoy sweets that's aren't complete calorie busters.

Be sure to visit Whitney, Katie and Whitney to see the best of their kitchen, too! 

Happy Monday, friends! 

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