Monday, November 14, 2016

Three Things {November}

When Whitney shared her 3 Things post I knew I would be borrowing the idea. A simple post that shares 3 "currently" statements from each family member. Simple enough right? I enjoy sharing every day life on our blog since it is very much our family's scrapbook. Here is our three things for November.

1) He has been working non-stop, traveling back and forth to Texas to meet with his team and executives. He is such a dedicated member of his work family. I am beyond proud of how much time, effort and passion he puts into his career

2) He is currently binge watching Showtime's new series Billionaire. I usually watch his shows with him and this one is such a great choice. Way more interesting then some of his other picks. 

3) While he loves his wife, he has been less than interested in decorating for Christmas. This past weekend he told me it was too soon. I wonder who won that battle?

1) I've been watching so much reality TV lately that I've decided one thing: we may not be wealthy or rich but we have our lives together far more than some of this housewives and bachelor/ette contestants. A simple life isn't as lame as I once imagined it to be. 

2) I am currently obsessed with Ibotta. Shopping just got a lot more fun, really. I've been able to cash out a total of $35 thanks to the app. You make your purchases, scan your item and recipe with the app and BAM! earn money on your grocery trip. Give it a try, it's the best "savings" app I've used. 

3) Drinking coffee at home isn't an every day occurrence. I might make a cup 3 times a week. But take a guess at how many coffee mugs I have? 22!!! That's ridiculous. But it doesn't stop me from wanting this one

1) CJ is currently obsessed with the Lego Movie and Wreck It Ralph. He used be to afraid of Ralph but we walked him through the movie, explaining the plot and such and now he loves it. 

2) He has been asking to be shown how to read. This really excites me! We've been reading the same 3 "readers" books over and over, hoping word recognition kicks in. He has read a few words already but I don't know if it's that he just remembers the story or if the words themselves he knows. 

3) "Hold my hand". The sweetest request ever. Each night at bed time and anytime we are cuddling together he requests to have his hand held. He is such a toucher, with no respect (in the best of way) to personal space.

I hope y'all had a great weekend. Happy Monday, friends! 

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