Monday, November 7, 2016

October Recap + November Goals

When I sat down to write this post I had no clue what my October goals even were. So what are the odds I've accomplished any of them? October was beyond busy. It may be November 7 but I am still completely exhausted from all the fun and memory making we did last month. Let's see what we did (or didn't) accomplish last month along with what goals we are going to focus on this month.

Here is what we accomplished from last month's list

Visit Young's Dairy 
Paint or Carve Pumpkins 
Write and Schedule 5-7 posts head of time
Cut back caffeine
Read 2 books
Complete Level 2 swim lessons
Have a play date with Macie
Have a girls day with Kari
Make homemade doughnuts 

Surprise! Surprise! I only missed 3 goals. I am shocked we unknowingly accomplished so much. I think it helped that most of these tasks were also on our bucket list. Multitasking for the win! I hope to accomplish even more this month but one thing for sure, I want to get a bit more rest this month than last month so look for that on my list. With that in mind here is what I plan to focus on this November. 

Have game night with the Underwoods
Watch an OSU game with friends

Update About Me
Create new blog button

Sleep more
Less sweets and sugary treats

Have an at home date night with James
Start/Host "Uninvited" book study

Work on scissor skills
Have a living room camp-out

Decorate for Christmas
Attend Gilmore Girls viewing party

Full disclosure: this month I picked easy goals that fit into my desire to have a low key month. December will be a bit more crazy so I am hoping to spend a bit of November resting more. We only have one birthday and one Thanksgiving dinner to attend. Our weekends aren't going to be as full as they were last month and that's very much welcomed. Connor has been begging to stay up late and camp-out in the living room so that's on the list of to do. I personally hope we all just get to sleep more.

Are you still focused on your new years goals? I know that by now they seem a bit boring and bothersome but I love pushing myself to do more, experience more in a single month. If you are still plugging away at the goals you set for yourself in January or even those that are month to month, let me know! I'd love to check in with you this month.

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