Friday, November 4, 2016

My Month in Numbers -- October 2016

Merry November, friends! With the first weekend of November ahead of us, I wanted to take a chance and share my October with you. I love these month in number posts. It provides me with the opportunity to look back on the fun we've had because as we all know, time goes by so fast these days. Here is a look back on October.

Number of items marked off our Fall bucket list. We are making amazing progress considering I slightly forgot about the details on our list. The only task I'm worried about completing is our camping trip. We had plans but those fell through thanks to bad weather.

Number of episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County I watched last month. As embarrassing as this should be, I'm really enjoying this train wreck of a series. You all know I love ladies on the Jersey cast. They are still my favorite but the girls of the OC are something else.

Number of days I hit my step goal of 10,000. Thanks to great weather we've been outside more so getting my steps have been easy. It's going to be hard when days are filled with rain/snow and the sun sets at 5PM.

Number of coffee mugs added to my collection. Too bad I often go days without coffee or the need to use them but they are fun to have on hand just in case. My favorite would have to be my Elvis travel mug I got from a friend for my birthday.

Number of times we got to play outside last month. The weather has been so amazingly warm this Fall so we've been outside this more than usual. It rains a lot here in the Fall but so far this year it's been pretty dry. This week we had temperatures in the upper 70's.

Number of minutes we went trick or treating this year. Connor liked it until it started to get dark and then he was done. I have to be honest, I was totally okay with a shorten Halloween. After 30+ years of Halloween I've had enough.

Number of photos I deleted off my phone so I could take photos of Connor's birthday party. I have got to get a system in place for my photos. Maybe I'll make that my 2017 goal. My one and only: organize our photos. We have photographs on 2 laptops and nothing backed up (that I know of!). Someone help me get this together!

Number of chocolate chip pumpkin muffins baked last month. As hard as it is to say this but I just may be all pumpkin'ed out. I mean... a girl can only handle so much pumpkin. I am now ready for mint so I need Christmas to get here STAT so I can indulge in some chocolate and mint combinations.

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