Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat 2016

Anyone else suffering from a Halloween hangover? Between Connor's birthday party on Sunday and trick or treating Monday night and my birthday celebration yesterday I am dragging this morning. But thanks to the bag of candy Connor came home with last night, I have plenty of sugar to push me through the day. Here is a bit of Halloween 2016.

Connor was so pumped to be CatBoy this year. He has been a fan of Disney's PJ Masks since it aired a couple years ago. He had asked to be CatBoy last year but costumes weren't out yet so when we discovered them this year, we snag one up as quick as physically possible. Like August quick!

I forgot to snap photos of us a family till after we had started out and I wasn't able to get any clearer then these but they will do. We had fun for approximately 38 minutes and was finished before 7PM. I even grabbed a screenshot because I was impressed that Connor was done so quickly. He said he had enough candy and was ready to go back to his Aunt Becki's house. So that's what we did! I have to admit less than 40 minutes of trick or treating was more than enough for us.

I have to confess that I'm glad that we don't have anything more to celebrate for a while. Between vacation, school starting, birthdays and holidays I am wore out and in need of a break so that's what we will be doing from now till Thanksgiving. Taking a break!

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