Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: Turkey, Bling and Gilmore Girls

Happy Friday, friends! It just occured to me that this is the last Friday of November. This month has flown by. I just hope December moves at a bit of a slower pace. I'm not ready for a new year just yet! With so much going on, I wanted to hope on today and share a Friday Favorite post. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We dined out for the first time ever and I have to admit, no cooking and no clean-up was kind of nice. Here is the highlights of our week with a bit of random mixed in. 


I'm pretty sure everyone in America woke up to more leftover turkey then they know what to do with. My Mom sent me home with a ton last weekend so on Wednesday, I put it to use in a tasty casserole for us to have for dinner. There are so many ways to use leftover turkey but I promise you this is one of the best. It earns bonus points for using leftover gravy, too. Here is the full recipe to get those leftovers put to use this holiday! In addition to this recipe, I plan to make this Turkey Stuffing Bake, too. 


Speaking of Thanksgiving food and leftovers I've been having some stomach issues lately. I'm not sure it's because of the bigger than usual meals we've been having or the sweets we can't so no to but I've needed the help of a probiotic. I know, I know! Bathroom talk but I can't be the only one. And with Christmas right around the corner and the holiday foods everywhere we turn, you, too, may find yourself in need of a little help. I've been using Dr. Mercola’s Complete Probiotic Powder Packets* each morning and for the first time in weeks my stomach is feeling good and lighter than ever. Each packet contain 10 strains of bacteria, including super-strain lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, and promote an optimal environment for the growth of “gut-friendly” bacteria. I am loving the results and plan to add the probiotic to my morning routine from here on out. 


Thanks to the colder weather we've been "enjoying" here in Ohio, I've been layering more. And I don't mean with scarves (although that's been happening, too!) I find that I am more likely to wear more jewelry when it's cooler outside. One of my newwest pieces has become an instant favorite. I love my Happiness Boutique arrow bangle bracelet. It's light and just perfect for layering with other pieces. I have my eyes on a few other bracelets, too. I guess I would say bracelets are my things. Here are a two others I wouldn't mind having: Silver Toned Statement Bracelet with Crystal Stone and Knot Cuff Bracelet Silver. If you see something on their site you like, be sure to user promo code WIFEMOMMYME to save 10% through January 12th! 


Oh and how could I forget this!! Today I am going to a Gilmore Girls watch party and I am so friggin' excited. The host is a friend I met through MOPS and she is the biggest GG fan I know. We have all our food planned out -- pizza, egg rolls, pop tarts, cake. You know? The must enjoy Gilmore favorites. For those of you wondering I have high hopes Rory ends up with Logan but at the same time I want her to be this adult who has life together and doesn't "need a man". I guess we will find out later this afternoon, won't we?


On Tuesday I had my stictches removed. The aftermath of my fall isn't pretty. I won't share a photo because it's pretty gross. I may once the puncture heals. I am fairly certain I am going to have a pretty knarly scar. I am going to get and use ScarAway gel once it heals completely. For those of you who have used a scar cream/gel before, do you have one that you love and worked well? While my scar will be on my shin, I would really like to reduce the apperance of it the best I can. 

We have a really low-key weekend planned which I am more than okay with! We've been pretty busy lately and it's nice to not have to be anywhere. The only things on our to do list is 1) see Trolls and b) go to church. Simple enough, right? In case you missed our other posts from this week, here they are:

Hope you all had a great week and your weekend is just as amazing! Happy weekend, friends! 

*I received this product for free from Moms Meet (, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agree to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own

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