Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Deck The Halls | Holiday Ornament Exchange

I realize it's just the 1st of November and the title of this post includes the word holiday but you knew it was bound to happen, right? My love of Christmas runs deep and is a constant in our household. From Christmas movies to music to putting up our decorations and tree mid-November, Casa de Cox loves to celebrate Christmas and we do it early and often. With that in mind, I want to invite you to celebrate the holiday with us with a ornament exchange hosted by some of my favorite bloggers and myself. Come deck the halls with us!

For those of you who love Christmas as much as we do this is your chance to join us for a ornament exchange. You will be partner will one other person to shop for. Decking the halls this time of year is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. Getting snail mail that helps deck those halls is just as exciting as putting up our tree. Here are the details of the exchange.

You can sign up by following this link ORNAMENT SIGN UP. With so much that goes on during the holidays - the hustle and bustle - it's always fun to find a piece of happy mail from a blogging friend in your mailbox. The friendships I've made through blogging are some of my most treasured. When given the chance to celebrate Christmas with them, I would year after year. But since there are many miles between me and my favorites, an ornament exchange will have to do.

Grab our button below, sign up to participate (blogger and non-bloggers welcomed) and then join us back here next month as we reveal our gifts and celebrate Christmas and the end of 2016 together. Tis the season for holiday magic, friends!

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