Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Mommy & Me Monday -- DITL Fall Edition

Last Summer I decided I wanted to do quarterly day in the life style posts. These can be either loved or hated by readers because of all the details that can go into them but as a mom blogger who uses their blog as their child's baby book, they are a must. So with all that in mind, I started sharing a day in the life with you all and it's been fun sharing every day life. I missed Spring this year but here are the recaps of Summer 2015, Winter 2016 and Summer 2016. And of course here is our Fall DITL.

I decided to use a typical Monday for our DITL post. The only exception was that it was just Connor and I that day as James was traveling for business. So while this is pretty much what a normal day is like, it's a bit different since there won't be any James involved in our day. Also the photos included in today's posts are straight from my phone so they are as unedited as they come. 

Connor had school from 9;15-12:15. I dropped him off and headed to have coffee with a friend. Nili blogs over at Handsful of Heart. She is a real life friend turned blogger so go check her out. We met at Panera and chat about all.the.things. I love being able to get one and one time with girlfriends. I totally forgot to snag a photo so this one of me heading to my car will have to do. 

After pick-up, I let Connor have a picnic lunch in the car before teacher conferences. Connor has led us to believe he is a really good kid in school and listens well. His teachers confirmed this but did say that he likes to talk and they have to get on him from time to time about it. No shocker there. The kid never stops talking! He gets rewarded with a trip to the book fair. 

We spend the bulk of our afternoon cleaning, playing, relaxing. I wrote out my to do list on Sunday so we focused on that. While I cleaned and purged our kitchen Connor thought it would be fun to destroy the rest of the house. We then moved upstairs and tackled his playroom and I did laundry. 

We both needed a bit of chill time so Connor sat down and played with his iPad while I read a bit. Cuddling with him on the couch is one of my favorite parts of our days. He is such a busy body that I have to take cuddles anyway I can. This is a habit we've been enjoying before dinner for a few weeks now and I hope we can continue to have these moments together.

I had a few errands to run and I choose to do them before dinner so that I could survive the witching hours. Solo parenting isn't as bad as it once was but when it's dark at 6:30 evenings can be hard. After returning library books, dropping off donations and running into Hobby Lobby we headed home. 

Connor and I played a few rounds of  Frida's Fruit Fiesta while we baked some cookies for an upcoming blog post. Connor has NO INTEREST in baking but I tried to get him involved the best I could. All he wanted to do was eat the cookies... naked. He has been stripping down to his underwear lately and it's just the funniest thing. He loves being "naked". 

We straightened up and headed up for bath and bedtime. Bedtime isn't easy around here but we've gotten into a good routine of bath, books and bed. Once Connor is asleep, I go downstairs and put together this post while watching Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Once I wrapped this post up and added photos, I turned in for the night. One of my monthly goals is to sleep more so being in bed by 10 is such an improvement for me.

There you have it. That's a day in the life with Connor and Stephanie. Nothing too exciting but I love photographing and sharing our daily lives. These are the days I'll miss when this time next year we'll have a 5 year old in pre-K so I'll forever cherish our days of being home together! 

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