Wednesday, November 16, 2016

3 Ways to Create Festive Snail Mail

The Christmas season brings with it more fun with each and every Christmas we get to spend together as a family of 3. The older Connor gets the more excitement that builds with Santa's big day. One thing that I will never ever get tired of is sending and receiving Christmas cards. I love seeing family and friends on display throughout our home. Christmas cards are a simple way of wishing your loved ones "Merry Christmas" in one single envelope.

A few weeks ago I shared with you how to order fabulous cards with just a few clicks. Today, I want to share with you how I personalize our envelopes to make them a bit more fun! Each year I put these 3 simple steps into place and turn a boring white envelope into one that's festive and perfect for our Christmas cards.

Christmas cards can get a bit pricey so I tend to stick to a basic card. This year I did splurge a bit and picked a metallic print for our card. I skipped any extra costs but leaving the back blank and picking basic white envelopes. I always choose white envelopes for two reason: I can inexpensively buy them in bulk at the local office supply store and I am able to decorate them as I see fit. Which is what I am going to share with you today.

Idea #1 Add Flair to Your Seal

Once you've stuffed your cards and sealed them you can secure this seal with washi tape. You know my love of washi tape runs deep so when I discovered Christmas prints in the Dollar Sport at Target, I snatched up 3 of my favorite prints. I add a strip to reinforce the seal and instantly I've added holiday cheer. I've toyed with the idea of using Christmas stamps as well to the back but haven't bit the bullet on purchasing one. I've seen them at Hobby Lobby and think they would be a pretty way to personalize the backside of your envelope as well.

Idea #2 -- Add Colored Return Labels

How many of you have and still use return address labels? Most things are done electronically these days so labels are a thing of the past. Bring those babies back and use holiday themed address labels for your cards. I scored these on Zuilly but you can also create your own in Word. They clearly display who the card is from and our address. I find that it's so important to put a return address on your mail as mail often moves through a lot of hands before it's final destination. I've had a card or two returned due to address changes so be sure to include an return address label.

Idea #3 -- Address Boldly Thinking Green or Red

When labeling your cards opt to use a green or red pen, or whatever matches your return label. I love these Frixion Colors pens. They are more of a marker but with a finer tip. I also pick a pen or marker that is quick dry so that there is no chance of the information being transferred to other cards in your stack or to your hand.

Speaking of addresses, I have finally moved away from a paper address book and store all addresses in my phone with each person's contact. That's a big step for my paper lovin' heart. One day I just may shock you when say I've given up on paper planners as well. But we all know that will.never.happen.

I know many people send cards with photos but for those of you who don't these are great way to put a personal touch to your boxed cards you can pick up at most grocery stores. Choose your card, add a bit of personality and flair and off it goes. Making your mail festive doesn't have to break the bank, either. The washi tape shown was just $1 a roll and colored pens are just $1 at the Dollar Tree! I pride myself on having my cards in the mail by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that our card is often the very first card families receive. Would you expect anything less from Santa Stephanie?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Minted. As always, the review and opinions shared are all my own. It goes without saying, I only share products and companies with you that I truly love and support. Washi tape, coloring coding and snail mail is loved deeply by our family, nothing sponsored about that. 

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