Saturday, October 15, 2016

Support A Cause You Care About with Evite Donations

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'Tis the season for family gatherings. This month we have 2 birthdays followed by my birthday, Thanksgiving then Christmas and New Years. The chance to get together and celebrate with family and friends is abundant this time of year. Presents will be bought, wrapped and exchanged from now till the end of the year. We are one lucky and blessed family for sure, which gets me thinking. What can we do to help and celebrate others that may need help due to sickness or financial hardship?

When I discovered Evite Donations I knew that this would be the perfect way to give back this Fall and Winter. Providing a donation is easier than ever and with so many family gatherings ahead of us, Evite Donations provides my family and friends the chance to do more this holiday season by providing a cause to donate to with each family gathering we plan. 

Evite Donations, powered by Pledgeling, is easy to add to any party invite. Simply attach a charity of your choice, 10,000+ to choose from, to your invite and attendees can donate as they RSVP to your event. They are able to donate, without fees, right on Evite's safe and secure site. The same one you create and send your invitations from and RSVP with. So simple, right? This is the ultimate way to donate during the holidays instead of asking for gifts that are often not necessarily needed. In the first year of Evite Donations, 20,000 events have been hosted, providing $1 million dollars in contributions to charities nationwide. Interesting in learning more? I love this info-graphic and the details it provides to set up the charity of your choice. 

Wondering what charities are included in the list of options? Here are a few I found when looking over the site. These charities are ones that I'm familiar with but there are thousands to choose from:

American Red Cross
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Door of Hope
Doctors without Borders
Special Olympics 
Feeding America
World Wildlife Fund
Save the Children 
Marine Toy for Tots Foundation
Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

Evite is taking on the challenge of raising an additional $1 million dollars this holiday season through generous donations to Evite Donations. Here are 5 simple steps to show support for important social causes and to help Evite reach their #1MillionTogether goal.

Step 1 - Add
Select the free option to "Add Donations"  to any invitation.

Step 2 - Choose
Choose from thousands of non-profits or recommend a new one.

Step 3 - Set a Goal
Set a fundraising goal to encourage your guests to give.

Step 4 - Accept Donations
Guest can easily donate without leaving Evite. Fees are never charged to make a donation.

Step 5 - Get Notified
Get notified when your guests donate and support your cause.

Visit Evite for your upcoming formal or casual event and help to show support for your favorite cause. Evite Donations has helped to raise over $1 million to-date for charities nationwide. Think of all the good you can do this holiday. Head over to Evite now to create your event invite and set up your donation!  

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