Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Month in Numbers -- September 2016

When I started writing today's post I was completely shocked to see the month of October looking back at me from my planner pages. OCTOBER! October kicks off my favorite time of year -- Birthday/Holiday season. In just a few weeks we will be celebrating our entire family with 3 birthdays. This really is my favorite time of year. I love celebrating my guys and the holidays. But before I get ahead of myself anymore than I already have, I want to recap September ... by the numbers.

The number of episodes I have left of Gilmore Girls to watch. I FINISHED!! I am still unsure if I like how things panned out. I've been Team Logan since we meet him and no matter what, I will forever be cheering him on. Now I have just 52 days until I can watch the new show on Netflix. Who else is going to be watching?

Number of blog posts written last month. I had some sponsored content that was squeezed in on the weekends. Here are some of last month's favorites: Happy Fall! Candy Corn Mix with PrintableFalling For Fall -- Fall Photo Challenge and Explore Fall -- Printable Scavenger Hunt

Batches of muffins made. I can't stop making them. I don't even want to stop if the truth is known. My go-to recipe is my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffin Cake. Try it out and sing it's praises. It's that good, even Connor approved. I have 4 new recipes I'm going to try over the next month and I'm really eager to sink my teeth into them.

Number of PSL's I had last month. I have to say that while I do enjoy them, I would much rather have a Spiced Chai Latte. I'm now curious if I could add a pump of pumpkin to make it a bit more Fall-ish. I may be onto something. What is your go-to Fall beverage?

Number of files I downloaded and deleted last month. INSANE!! Someone told me they never clear out their downloads... how would you find the images you need? I'm not sure but my OCD requires a monthly computer cleaning. It's a habit I love having.

Days until Christmas. I understand that Fall hasn't reached some of you just yet but it blows my mind that we are that close to Christmas 2016. With Christmas being on Sunday I feel like we will be able to enjoy it more since it's a weekend. But more than anything I'm excited to take Connor to church on Christmas for the first time this year.

Number of kiddies Connor has coming to his birthday party. The amount of noise 18 kids will make will send me into a frenzy for sure; Momma love her silence. But he kept adding classmates because they are "best friend" and a little girl from swim and soccer because "she is my swimming friend every day, Momma". How do I say no to all of that? Good thing we have the space at the birthday venue for all of Connor's "best friends".

Number of books I need to read in 3 months to hit my goal of 25 this year. How in the world will I ever pull that off? I am still struggling with Truly Madly Guilty and unless I find amazing books, 7 books actually, I'm going to miss my goal for the first time since starting the Goodreads challenges. I guess a dose of bookworm failure is good every once in a while, right?

September went by so fast. I can hardly believe it's already birthday season for Casa de Cox. 
How'd September treat you?

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