Sunday, October 16, 2016

Making Screen Time Educational with the KidloLand App + Giveaway

Raise your hand if you're little one takes daily naps?
For those of you with raised hand, today's post just may not mean as much to you as those of us who don't have nappers. But stick around because I have something fun to giveaway at the end of this post that you'll be dying for when naps disappear. 

Connor dropped naps shortly after we moved home and took away his pacifier. This was February 13, 2015 -- yes I know the exact date. Sleep was never the same! Because he doesn't nap, we have quiet time each afternoon, Monday thru Friday. This is the time that I use to blog, prep dinner, shower, complete chores, make phone calls, etc. I usually aim for 90 minutes of quiet time every afternoon. On days when he has school in the morning, it is often shorter but we have quiet time in some capacity each and every day. But how do I put value into quiet time? I don't want to park him in front a Disney movie each and every day. He will often times play for a bulk of quiet time in his playroom. But sometimes, we just need to relax on the couch with some screen time. How do I shake the Mom guilt that inches its way in when C's been playing with his iPad for 60+ minutes? I justify it by giving him educational screen time with the help of the KidloLand app.

Best for ages 1-5, this app gives children educational fun at their finger tips. Connor would spend all day playing this this app if we allowed him to. The variety of games, songs, activities, and puzzles available on the full version of this app is nothing short of fantastic and worth the price. Theme packs include animals, shapes, vehicles, fruits, vegetables, insects, ABC songs, and on and on and on. Each theme pack includes a multitude of activities that will keep your child’s interest for months if not years.

With more than 50+ stories this has been our go to book when we find ourselves out and about and in line somewhere. Connor loves that the stories includes animals along with fables he has never heard before. We even created our own playlist of 25 children songs that Connor will listen to while playing in his playroom. 

The app is full of color, keeping a little one's attention much longer than any show or other app. The stories are interactive and each screen has several places the child can tap to cause different reactions. CJ loved finding all the different interactive spots, allowing him to take part in the story instead of just watching. Involving Connor is really important right now and KidloLand gives him to chance to be in charge of the story. 

Another perk of this app is that the content is available offline so you don't have to use your data, which could go fast if Connor were to use his iPad while traveling or running errands around town (grocery shopping just got really easy thanks to this app!). You can download as many packs as you like and once they are downloaded they are there to stay. Here is short list of some of the topics offered with this learning app:
Magic Words (think manners)
Create and Play Occupations (Connor really likes the artist)
Weather and Seasons
Fruits and Vegetables
Months and Days

Thanks to the variety in lessons included in KidloLand, Connor can spend his screen time learning the days of the week, listening to stories, learning numbers up to 100 and so much more. I no longer feel bad that he loves his iPad. He is soaking up knowledge without even really knowing it. Quiet time is important. It allows everyone to regroup and refocus, especially on the days when are mornings are less than ideal. Apps like KidloLand have given us a new way to wind down without having to turn the TV on. 

Interested in KidloLand? You can download the app and get more details in your app store:

But don't download just yet! Thanks to the generosity of KidloLand, I am giving away 3, 3 month subscriptions to the app. Follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter below and winner will be picked and notified on October 28. Good luck! 

Disclosure: KidloLand gave Connor and I a subscription for our honest review.
As always I only want to share things we love and would truly recommend. This app is one of those items! 

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