Thursday, October 20, 2016

Have You Seen My Monster? -- Craft and Colored Rice DIY

With the desire to stay home more (not fill our schedules jammed packed) Connor and I have discovered a new love of spending our afternoons reading, crafting and exploring. I mentioned before that we've entered the stage that crafting is fun and that's still the case. With Halloween just a week and a half away, I thought we would try a monster theme lesson one afternoon. I'm so excited to share with you the fun we had plus a simple colored rice DIY that anyone can complete.

This month we used "Have You Seen My Monster" for inspiration. This children's book focuses on shapes which was perfect as Connor has been learning more and more about different kinds of shapes. The book's theme is as follows: A little girl gallivants through a county fair, searching for her furry friend. Readers will spot the friendly monster as well as twenty shapes, identified here by their proper names - trapezoids, ellipses, kites, and more - hidden among iconic fair attractions from the fun house to the Ferris wheel. Maybe the monster is judging the pies? Or perhaps he’s at the monster-truck rally? Youngsters will be so mesmerized by the pen-and-ink illustrations, decorated with vivid splashes of color, they won’t even realize they’ve learned how to spot a nonagon while looking for a monster.

Sticking with the theme of shapes, I printed and lamented these shape cards. I cut each shape into multiple pieces and had Connor put them back together again. Not only does this help him recognize different shapes but he can use these same cards to learn how to spell as well. Some shapes were tricky but with Momma helping, Connor was able to put back together all 12 shapes. 

Because it's Halloween, I wanted to add a bit of fun to this month's theme. I've been toying with the idea of coloring rice for a while but thought it would be more work than anything else. Boy was I wrong! Here is my recipe for colored rice.

I picked up a bag of bugs and Halloween creatures from the Dollar Tree and Connor spent close to 40 minutes digging for and hiding spiders, skeletons and other creatures in the rice bin. The rice is in a plastic bin with a lid and we've been playing with for over 3 weeks. Once Connor finished his shapes and digging for bugs, we moved onto reading new-to-us books. This month's theme was based on the book "Have You Seen My Monster?" so I wanted to find more books that included more monster. I was pleasantly surprised to discover 5 books that included monsters in their story-line

What I loved most about this theme was that Connor realized that not all monsters are scary, that monsters are make believe. As a 3 year old he has a healthy fear of monsters and scary creatures but these books taught him that not all monsters are bad or something to fear. Which works out well because I'm sure we will see our fair share of monsters and such on Halloween night! 

Find more "Have You Seen My Monster?" activities, recipes, crafts and more over at Raising Fairies and Knights.

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