Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Q&A with James

When I learned that Liz and a handful of other bloggers were going to bring back The Guys Behind The Blog, I was really excited. One thing I want to start doing is sharing more about my marriage and my relationship with James. After all the title of my blog is WIFE Mommy Me so I'm eager to showcase my Mister a bit more. This is the first month of the new TGBTB series and I am eager to share with you a bit of Halloween Q&A with James. 

1.) What was your most favorite Halloween costume and why?

James: I am not sure this was my favorite, but most memorable. About 15-years ago I dressed up as a woman and delivered Halloween candy to all of my customers. Many of which did not recognize me at all. It was a blast to entertain everyone.

My two cents: I wish there were photos of this. Seeing my husband dressed as a women would be hilarious. Maybe I can convince him to do a do over. 

2.) Haunted Houses - love them or hate them?

James: I think it's ridiculous to pay money to be scared. Not a fan of haunted houses. Give me $5 and I will scare you, save you some time and money.

My two cents: I don' think he likes being scared but that's just me assuming. I don't see him being someone who likes being scared for fun. 

3.) What is your favorite scary movie of all time? 

I don’t have a favorite.  The one that has always freaked me out the most is Children of the Corn.  I still get creeped out driving on a dark road with cornfields around me.

My two cents: Scary movies are dumb. I never ever ever watch them. Also, we drive on a lot of dark roads and pass just as many cornfields goings to and from my parents. 

4.) If you had to attend a mandatory dress up Halloween party this year what would you go as? 

This year I would dress up as Romeo from PJ Masks. Connor would get a kick out of it my dressing up as a villain to match his Cat Boy Costume.

My two cents: Pictures will be up next week with our crew in costume. 

5.) Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not? 

I do not believe in Ghosts in the way they are portrayed on TV.  I believe there are spirits, good and bad among us.

My two cents: James was once invited to meet and speak with Theresa Caputo thanks to a friend, Selina, who reach out to the TLC star who wanted to help heal some friends who have lost someone close to them. James lost his Mom is 2011 and we miss her every day. In fact, Connor and her share the same birthday, October 30th and we named Connor in her honor (her name was Connie). You can see the episode he was a part of here on YouTube. It's around the 13:30 mark, he is the first one to hug her when she arrives to Selina's house. But after that experience, I think James believes in spirits more than others because of his interaction with Theresa

Getting a chance to ask James things I wouldn't have thought to ask him before is always fun. I love learning more and more about my husband the longer we are together so these questions help prompt that learning. I look forward to sharing more of my Mister with you in the upcoming months. 

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