Monday, October 3, 2016

Halloween Pajama & Costume Party Announcement

Halloween is fast approaching and after scoring the most perfect costume we are ready for trick or treat this season. Connor is going to kill it in his costume. I can not wait. This is Connor's 5th Halloween. He was just a day old for Halloween 2012 which didn't give me much time to prep for his costume but we made up for it in 2013 - 2015. Here is a flashback of each Halloween we've celebrated with CJ. 

My favorite is still Captain Jake! That hair gets me every.single.time. he wears it. And yes, we still rock that outfit when playing dress up at home. Not only do we love dressing up for Halloween but we equally love Halloween pajamas. These are my favorite so far and I plan to do a comparison once we wear them again this season. I scored them from Simply Made With Love

Do you want to join us in celebrating all things Halloween? Good because I have the most spooktacular link-up of the season to share with you today. Join myself and 8 other bloggers as we celebrate the season with pajamas, costume and trick or treat recapping. 

So starting October 27 to November 3, share your costume reveals, pajama party photos and trick or treat memories with our link-up. If you aren't a blogger, don't worry. You can use hashtag #COSTUMEPTY16 on social media and we can find your celebrations that way. Grab the button below and then come and share your memories with us anytime between October 27 and November 3 when our link-up goes live.

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