Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Faves: Sunny Days, Pumpkin Everything & the Busy Life

Hey, hey, FriYAY! I have recently come to appreciate Friday more than every before. Life is full these days and Friday (usually) means room to breathe. We have a lot planned this weekend and I am looking forward to time spent with friends. But before I wish away my weekend, here is a bit of what this week was like for us.


The weather here in Ohio couldn't be more amazing. Highs in the upper 60's, low 70's is EXACTLY what I would have in mind when I think Fall in the Midwest. We've spent so much time outdoors this week and are trying to soak up every single ounce of sunshine we can before Winter is upon us. Our mornings are usually busy but we've been using our free afternoons to our benefit. 2-3 hours outside has been good for every ones spirits.


To say we are busy is a total understatement. While it's no one fault by my own (I do the bulk of our planning), I've got to quit with filling every free hour with something. Our weekends are all but full from now till mid-December. WHAT?! Add in school 3 days a week, MOPS every Tuesday and swim lessons every Tuesday and Thursday are weeks are full. How do parents with more than one kid do it all? My parents did it with 3 of us and now I'm wondering how they survived. How do you working moms juggle it all?


I have this amazing pumpkin cake I'm going to share with you all next week for our All Things Pumpkin Party and I have to tell you, it's probably the best "let's give this a shot and hope it pans out" recipe I have ever thrown together. While it's not exactly complicated, I will say James and I were pleasantly surprised by how tasty it turned out. But you'll have to wait till Tuesday for all the details.


Flu season is right around the corner and I'm torn on whether to get flu shots this year. Connor and I have gotten them every year since I was pregnant with him. This would be our 4th year. James never gets one (and also never gets the flu). I know so many people are for them while others are strongly against. We've never had the flu and I can't say that's because we have or haven't gotten the shot. Because Connor is in school, I'd like to keep him protected but some of the chemicals in the vaccine are a bit worrisome. I spend every Tuesday with 10 kids under the age of 3. I feel like the shot could help keep me safe from anything that may spread. We deal with people a lot - school, MOPS, the daycare at gym, swim lessons, etc. I also heard on the news that some believe this flu season is going to be a bad one. I'm just torn. What's your thoughts? And please be respectful.


Here is a list this week's posts, Monday thru Thursday in case you missed one. Be sure to join our costume and pajama party that kicks off later this month (details in Monday's post). Our All Things Pumpkin party is in full swing and I shared a quick and easy dip that everyone loves (Tuesday's post).

Our weekend is packed full of plans. It's been a while since we've seen our friends thanks to school and soccer so we are making up for it this weekend. Hope y'all have a great one, too!

Happy Friday, friends! 

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