Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Faves: Friends, Books and Pumpkins

What a great week we had. From field trips to dinner with friends to a shopping "spree" at ToysRUs this has been a pretty perfect week. Today is just school and an afternoon of hanging out. I shared a photo on IG Wednesday of my planner, sharing how I'm working on more white space in our scheduled lives and that starts today. After school, we will come home and hang out and that's exactly what we need. A bit of a break from busy. Here is a look of the highlights from this week. 


Oh these two. I can't even describe the amount of (loud) fun they are. Sunday we went on a walk with Macie and her parents and had a picnic dinner. I asked for a photo and Macie wanted to put her face in the Y of her branch and well Connor was smilin' so hard he lost the ability to see. These two are built in siblings and forever friends. I look forward to watching them grow up together. Even if they don't want to.


I'm trying to read this book... and quickly. It's a Fast Read book meaning you have 7 days to read it and return it to the library. Yesterday was day 7 and I have about 75 pages left. This book is 400+ pages long and if I'm being honest, it doesn't need to be. Why do authors make books so long? Let's keep them between 275-325 pages and I'd be able to read much more. But other than the length, I like this book. I feel like Nicholas Sparks doesn't write like he once did but as a fan since The Notebook, I have to read each book he puts out. 


Oh this boy. We've been having a ton of fun lately and he is so far past the "baby" stage, which if I'm being honest is okay with me. Our days are full but we have a ton of fun with the hustle and flow of life. It's amazing to me that we've been parents for nearly 4 years. Does the wonder of parenthood ever pass? I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that our baby isn't a baby. Now, if we can work on his desire to eat a vegetable and maybe, just maybe go potty by himself life would be good. 


We experienced our first school field trip this week and I can't even tell you how geeked out I was to go with Connor. I mean not only is this what stay at home Mom dreams are made of but it was to a pumpkin patch. Seeing how I am about as #basic as they come, this was Heaven on Earth for me. Connor had a lot of time playing with his school friends outside of school. We picked pumpkins, enjoyed a hayride and played on the playground and a wooden train. I remember how much field trips were when I was in school and I have to say, this was up there with the fun factor. 


We have ZERO plans this weekend and I couldn't be happier. After this weekend, we have something every single weekend, sometimes both Saturday and Sunday from now till mid-December. I always say this is our family's busy season and this year is looking to be no exception. Between birthdays and holidays, we have a ton going on. Add it particular seasonal events we want to take part in and life is just busy. But this weekend? It's going to be "Netflix & Nap" with a side of pajama wearing. 

Here is a recap of this week's posts. Be sure to enter the giveaway that's included in Monday's post. Who wouldn't like a free $50 worth of coffee or tea? And my Pumpkin Spice Crunch Cake is a must make this Fall. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving. 

Like I said our weekend is going to be pretty low-key. I do have 2 more posts coming out this weekend. Tomorrow is a holiday preview from Minted and Sunday I'm sharing our newest iPad app obsession from Kidloland. Be sure to swing by and check both out, one will have a giveaway attached to it! 

Happy Friday, friends! 

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