Friday, October 21, 2016

Falling For Fall Photo Challenge Recap

I have had such a fun time snapping photos for our Falling for Fall Photo challenge. Being as I am as #basic as it gets, this challenge gave me even more reason to capture the season. From selfies to boots to apple cider and much more, we've shared Fall through our camera lens on Instagram and it's been wonderful seeing what others are doing this Fall as well. Here is a full recap of the last 28 days. 

Day 1: Selfie
Day 2: Comfort Food
Day 3: Colors
Day 4: Outside

Day 5: Your View
Day 6: Sweet Treat
Day 7: Pumpkin
Day 8: Cozy

Day 9: Orange
Day 10: Starts with F
Day 11: Craft
Day 12: Tradition

Day 13: Boots
Day 14: Thankful
Day 15: Leaves
Day 16: Warm Beverage

Day 17: Flowers
Day 18: Festival
Day 19: Sunset
Day 20: Favorite Spot

Day 21: Apple Cider
Day 22: Decorations
Day 23: Layers
Day 24: Fire

Day 25: From Where I Stand
Day 26: Apples
Day 27: Hayride
Day 28: Moment

We've had the best Fall so far. For me, Fall ends on Thanksgiving Day. I think it's because the following day I jump right into the holiday spirit. I try my best to respect the turkey but you all know my love of Christmas is deep and true. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our challenge. It was so much fun seeing your Fall through the lens. 

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