Monday, October 17, 2016

$10 at Target: Shopping with Frank

Confession: I need Target to switch their Dollar Spot from Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas because I've shopped the heck out it already and had to shop the entire store (gasp!) for today's $10 at Target spot. But I'm glad I did because Connor and I had a blast finding items to fit within our $10 budget.
Before dinner with a friend and James last week Connor and I ran into Target. I needed a new sunglass case and some hand + face wipes. PS -- these wipes are the best. Target brand FTW and they are perfect for your purse so you can ditch the Mom bag! I told Connor that he would pick out some Halloween candy if he did good walking with me throughout the store and didn't ask to go to the toy aisle. We usually use a cart but he insisted that he is "a big boy" so I figured we'd give it a shot since we were only going to be shopping for a few minutes.

I picked up my wipes (which were 92 cents thanks to a $1 off coupon) and my case. I have to put my sunglasses in a case because if not, they get scratched and broken within days of owning them. I also never pay more than $10-$15 because if I paid any more than that, I'd just be wasting money. I then took Connor to the Halloween section and he picked himself out some candy to share with Daddy: nerds and monster Peeps. Here's a little trivia for you -- if it's not a chocolate candy, I'm not interested. The only non-chocolate candy I like is Swedish Fish. Also? Peeps are disgusting. You know how people feel about candy corn? That's how I feel about peeps. Gag me. While shopping the Halloween aisles, I spotted Halloween washi tape and grabbed a roll. We have some Halloween snail mail going out and this is the perfect way to seal up the envelopes.

My total: $10.36
I went a bit over (and I don't include tax in my total ...ever) but that's okay because really, who can say no this this Frankenstein lovin' face? 

Now it's your turn. Share with us what you scored this month from Target.
Happy Monday, friends! 

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